Kelile's special skill awkward - discussion of DoT mechanics

Hi all, after i got newest update i started reading the season 2 update fixes and have noticed that Kelile’s special skill is improved. I have checked mine and discovered that my Kelile is way different. It does 348 dmg over 6 turns instead 360 and in fight it does 402 ( 67 x 6 turns).

Thanks and excuse me for any mistakes posting / reporting this bug

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try and see if someone have her at 70 and it will be 360 then … but the part she do more dmg ingame is wrong maybe a bug

Thanks for the reply Fantastic. i did and theirs is 360 at lvl 70 . The thing is mine shows 348 at lvl 56 and in fight shows it does 402 dmg … Ain’t that awkward ?

She does less damage than she would at max since the damage is calculated based on attack stat. Keep feeding her and you will get her maxed soon enough.

She does more damage in an actual fight because your attack stat is boosted by the troops you use.

Edit: I stand corrected. Both of these statements are false.

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No. 8/8 should gave 360. Another strange kelile:

Got it, thanks. Didn’t know that troops have effect on the damage per turn also :slight_smile:

Becouse. They don’t. It’ s a bug.

Apparently it is . Check in fight your dmg per turn it will show different number also

I’m confused on why they would have a static DoT number in the description, but it can be different based on the attack stat.


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The DoT scales with the hero attack value when entering an encounter.

It isnt affected by buffa like Boldtusk, Kiril etc though.

my one is maxed and the stats are also diferent.
Stat in battle is 402 if the enemy got hit, it shows um 67 dmg per turn. Multipyed by 6 = 402 but must be 360.
Must be a Bug.


Mine also 402 but diff maxed special dmg that should be equal to all whether they maxed or not the special skill at lvl 8 should be 360. Mine shows 348 some have 312… total bug.

Not a bug. Total DoT is tied to the hero’s attack stat.

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Fledoble has the answer. All of the red DOT heroes continue increasing their specials as they level up. The 8/8 is necessary, but it in not the last step.

To check wat you are saying i gave here atk buff with kiril. Same dot
And she is maxed and 8/8

attack buff doesn’t effect DoT. Just the base attack stat.

Simple experiment:

Put your best troop on Kelile and enter a battle. Look at the damage her Born does.

Now put your weakest troop on Kelile and enter a battle. And look at the damage her Burn does.

The Burn damage your hero will do is calculated from 2 parts.

  • The attack power your hero has when starting the battle. (HeroAttack×TroopModifier)
  • The level of your heros special ability

If the hero gets an attack increase or decrease during the battle it doesnt affect the Burn damage.

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This is the honest truth and has been hashed out many times on many DoT heroes. What is happening is not a bug everyone. Paranoia everywhere in these forums :slight_smile:

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Cool thank you for this explanation.
I didn’t know the teoops are modifying the dot. :slight_smile:


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Technically its the Heros attack power that modifies the DoT.
The troops just modify the Heros attack power.

But at this point potatos potatos! :slight_smile: