Clarissa special attack poison damage

Hey guys,

I actually have Clarissa maxed with some talent points and she ist a nice champ but there ist something I don’t get.

Her maxed out poison damage is at 240 in 2 turns. Somehow it can be increased but I don’t know how.

I had an enemy in raid with Clarissa Level 80 without talent points and she dealt more poison damage than mine although I had better stats.

Can someone tell me how to increase that damage?

Thanks in advance.

DoT (poison/fire etc.) is scaled with attack, in raids enemys team have 20% attack buff thats way his dot is higher


as above.

read more here: Understanding DoT (Damage over Time)

As always the :mag: function is your friend. Asked and discussed plenty of times :wink:

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Well… Thanks guys.

I searched for a reason but I guess I searched with the wrong words…


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