Natalya’s Talent Grid - Attack stat effect on DOTs?

Since Natalya has a fixed amount of damage in her SS that is seemingly only affected by troops, does anybody know if the talent nodes where she gains +attack contributes to this as well? Or does it only affect her base attack value, thus, only affecting her tile damage?


It will affect her special too. The burn damage would have risen as she levelled after reaching 8/8 skill.


So you’re saying that after all of her talents are leveled up for damage, her attack stat will be 817. And if a fully levelled 4* Barbaric Assassin troop is equipped, her special will hit for a whopping 1003 damage?.. I mean I would love that… and that’s certain death

With a fully levelled troop, base attack stat would be 1029. I don’t know the exact math behind how the burn would scale up (not sure if it’s a 1:1 ratio with attack stat or what) but yeah you will be putting some serious undispellable hurt on people, and on nature heroes you’ll be looking at a virtually guaranteed kill. Not sure if the talent grid mana block would stack with her natural one.

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Her base attack value is 718. Her special is 700. From just that looks like her special equals 97.5% of er base attack value, which is how I got the 1003 damage for her special post m-upgrades.


Oh, that sounds about right.
Mine will forever be sat at level 1-13, and she does 312dmg off a 365 attack stat which is 85%, but her special skill isn’t levelled so I would think you’ve got a pretty accurate estimate.

I guess the reason why I don’t think the attack value will affect her SS at all is because she doesn’t benefit from +attack buffs, like from Boldtusk or Kiril.

The attack stat bumps are just that - inherent stat bumps; they aren’t not buffs. They actually change the number on the front of her card. Her special should scale up as you add attack stat talents.

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Her DoT damage stays the same correct?

No, Rigs, that was aforesaid above. DoT is always linked to the Attack stat (modified by troop). So her DoT (and all heroes’ DoT) rises whenever she gains +Attack on the Talent Tree.


But if that’s the case how come buffs to base stats don’t affect her DOTs?

Just wanted to make sure i was reading it right because it sounds dumb as :poop: in design.

Attack buffs increase attack stat but don’t increase DoT

Leveling up/class upgrading increases attack stat but does increase DoT

That sounds illogical af to me

Either increased attack stat raises DoT or it doesn’t

Why the need for the loopholes?

I know i may be solo in this way of thinking and I’m ok with that, just seeing if anyone else can think of reasonable logic behind all these “special situation” cases developers keep creating then creating work arounds for the “special situations” they themselves created

Seems like they make their job harder on themselves

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Does everyone realize that her DOT is an actual number (700) on the card and not a % of her attack stat? They would have to modify that printed number or the confusion level would be high.

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Can you post the card

The confusion is that it scales up as she levels up. Isn’t affected by stat buffs while in battle, but does get affected by troops and, from everyone is saying, direct +attack upgrades in the talent grid.

Yes, it is quite confusing… smh

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This is with a troop equipped.

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Confusion IS high about DoT. Not a week goes by without someone saying, “my Azar/Colen/etc. is broken because the damage on my card doesn’t match the portal card!”.

So let me say it again:

DoT is linked to Attack stat. If Colen is < 4/70, the card damage is below the 4/70 level because the attack stat isn’t maxed. You can see this directly by taking a DoT hero into battle—you will see that the DoT is higher than the card value because of the troop +attack bonus.


I don’t think I’ve ever paid attention to that troop enhanced number in battle. Thanks.

So then if the +attack talent is enabled from her talent tree, it will increase DOT, and if the talent grid is fully upgraded, deal 1003 damage to non-Nature enemies? The hell yes. Give me all the sorcerer emblems!

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