Kelile Or Sumitomo?


I got 4th hidden blade to ascend one of these characters to final ascension. Which one would be best to max out?


I have both sitting at 3/60. I don’t plan to level either for a while, but i would probably put Sumi through first. But, that’s because of my line up. I find that Kelile is really effective on raids when colour stacked with Scarlett and Marjana. Same for titans

I think it depends on your needs, kelile prob better for attack. Sumi perhaps better all-rounder

I’m interested in the response you get.


I’d level Kelile first. She deals the most direct damage and single target DoT of any 4* red, making her useful across the board. Sumitomo is an interesting hero, but I have yet to find a good use for his self-only riposte.


I would keep my blades safe for some one better than both.


I wouldn’t level up either. Only if you already have Boldtusk and Gormek or Falcon or Wilbur fully ascend. Or Scarlett. Wait for better ones. You probably end up not using either one of those in later on.


Depends on your other heroes and resources would be my answer. Without considering anything else however, my opnion would be go with Kelile, a fast mana with burn is always useful in raid and war compared to a riposte that is dependent on enemy AI hitting.