Need some help which red hero to ascend next

A fairly new player here so I’d want some advice.

I pulled mostly red 4* and even a couple 5* and am wondering who to ascend next to 70.

The choices are: Azlar, Reuben, Sumimoto, Kelile or Sumle.

Goals - mostly to use the next hero for obtaining more ascension mats from rare quests and challenge events.

I heard that people praise Sumle for challenge events, is that the answer here?

Thanks in advance.

Given the choices i think fast heros should be first and then 5 over 4 * so Reuben in my opinion

For Sumle to be effective, you may need Wilbur in order for the former to survive longer. Boldtusk and Falcon would be nice to the mix.

Kelile is a mini Marjana.

Don’t bother working on your 5* heroes yet until you have enough 3* and 4* heroes enough for an army for wars. Ignore Sumitumo.

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I would only ascend 5* if you have all Materials to bring them to 4.80 otherwise it is too much of an investment with little to no return.

Focus on 3* and 4* only and switch to 5* if you can max them out. So i would go for either Kelile or Sumle.

Thanks for the advice.

It’s probably Sumle then, since I see more potential in that one - with mana potions can be much more devastating than Kelile, and also has better attack, meaning red tiles will hit harder.

I don’t have Wilbur sadly nor Falcon, but I do have cBoldtusk ascended fully, so I guess I could keep Sumle alive even for a bit more.

I’d do Kellie first them Sumle. Azlar is a bit slow and Rueben is a hero you need other good reds with to work well. Start with the 4’s and save those rings for a Legendary that will serve you better. Cheers!

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I have had Kellie longer than any other 4* red, she is the bread and butter of snipers.
Have Sumle also, my issue with him, is he doesn’t hit that hard and he misses.

You get those teams that your fighting against and they have 2 healers. Sumle won’t have the damage output to take them out.

I don’t know what your bench is but damage dealer snipers are a good thing to have.

Another +1 for Kelile.
If already have wilbur maxed, then sumle is good choice.

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