Which 4* red hero to ascend

Hi all,
Iam little bit confused between:
Sir lancelot
I have mats enough to ascend only one .
I have wilbur and BT maxed .
The choice will be for efficiency for events especially.
Wuts ur ideas?!!
Thanks in advance…

Can’t comment on Sumle as I don’t have him and have rarely faced him so;

Out of the rest I’d probably pick Scarlett, fast hit 3 and lowers the opponent attack, handy vs event bosses though can be replicated with fairly cheap items.

I use her more than Kelile and Lancelot anyway


Your best choice is Scarlett
Sumle is not bad specially with Wilbur and BT.
Lancelot is like Scarlett but average speed (high tile damage).

I maxed Kelile and i dont use her as often as my other reds including lancelot which sees more action


My confusion is sumle is devastating with wilbur he is doing massive damage to all enemies will be repeated with wilbur i marvellous way
Scarlet is nice but attack is sverage and needs emblems and her buff could be less than sir lancelot

Scarlett is fast speed, and one of the top reds, shes devasting , though she only hits three in events enemy show only in numbers of three so she will hit all anyways.(challange ones)

Scarlett is the epic red with highest attk stat of all, her only drawback is she being so squishy but in offense you want her for her damage

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And mix her with Wilbur and her defense dramatically improves (in the shared damage way) if his special has fired whilst also giving her an even better attack.

Sumle I believe has a miss risk doesn’t he?

I’d do Scarlett. I love her and have her at +20. Personally, I’d probably do a second Scarlett before any of those others listed!

other heroes play but sumle kill em all. In combo with wilbur he is great. i used him frequently in 4 star tournaments and of course in the rush tournaments

Scarlet or sumi will be your best option,if your having good time with sumi and Wilbur maybe choose him as your playing more with that combo.

I’m going to recommend Sumle here. Not sure if there is a harder hitter in the 4 star arena. BT-Wilbur-Falcon-Sumle destroys the enemy.

You won’t regret Sumle. His synergy with Wilbur x BT hits hard and is fun.

And since you want to use for events, that synergy helps clear boards of monsters faster than picking them off with just snipers.

i have scarlett at +20 and she is one of the underated heroes in the game ( at +20 with the attack path)

fast enough so she could fire once and at 900 attack, and with other powerfull heroes any teluria or heimdall at 12-13 or less emblems die from 3 shields

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Thanks guys i think sumle with wilbur will be something

if it’s your first red 4 * up Sumle otherwise up scarlett


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Right, who is the better hero against titans then? scarlett or kelile (without the emblems)?

scarlett is 215% times 767 attack (164,9K) and kelile is 320% times 674 attack (216K) so I am guessing the kelile is better as a sniper (which is nice against solo targets such as titans) or am I wrong?

Againts Titan, the key is tiles damage, not special direct damage. So 100% I would pick Scarlett over Kelile.
My Red Team Titan: Wilbur - BT - Falcon - Scarlett - Miki
result for 9-10* Titan about: 70k-100k

Plus, Scarlett make more our teams survive better because of -att ailment.

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Sorry, but I still do not get it with the “tile damage” thing… where are the specials for then? So, it does not work that way as I presumed!? so, attack strength is tile damage then, right?

Another vote for sumle! Amazingly destructive especially in a red mono squad

Yes, tile damage is attack. Most of the damage on titans comes from tiles not specials.

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So, specials do their work (better) during raids then? I still am little bit confused, my bad -lol- but thanks @jinbatsu and @StillVictor

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