Red 4* to ascend, Sumitomo vs Scarlett (vs Kelile?)

I have Sumitomo and Scarlett ready to be ascended but don’t want to spend all my mats. So whom should I choose? Their stats looks comparable with Scarlett having higher attack but lower health.
I also have Kelile, but she is mediocre according to Anchor’s guide.


I would 100% go for Scarlett. She is less squishy and even harder hitting when maxed. She is great for titans and wars, not the best for a defence squad but not the worst either.


I dunno why Kelile gets such a bad wrap.

I’ve just pulled Scarlett so will ascend her too and compare.

Kelile is hot, Scarlett more useful.

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Scarlett and Kelile are both very squishy but Scarlett is more so in terms of stats. However, Scarlett’s saving grace is the atk- which ends up making her more durable.

I got her first and I like her more than Kelile myself. A fast atk- is good for increasing hero survivability. And she also hits hard.


Scarlett for sure, she’s def worth the mats, but I’ll admit that Sumitomo intrigues me. I have an unleveled one on the bench that I just haven’t gotten around to yet

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It depends on what you want and where you want to go.

Generally Scarlett gives you more firepower. When she’s fully maxed, she has an attack value that makes some 5*s drool. BUT, she is one of the squishiest heroes in the game and is likely to die frequently and often unless you devote a lot of time and battle items to keeping her up, or pray to RNGesus that she doesn’t get killed when raiding/wars.

Kelile is more durable and reliable but doesn’t really offer much compared to the versatility or extremes in stat value compared to her other 4* compatriots. She’s a reliable, okay sniper who has a decent chance of surviving, and for an offensive oriented hero, she’s got well balanced stats. She’s not liable to one shot anybody, but she’s more likely to survive to fire off at least once.

Sumitomo is like Kelile (similar attack, Sumi focuses more on HP, Kelile on defense) but worse due to average speed mana and a lower attack special. The mana gen/riposte is basically useless unless you’re fighting a bunch of AOE guys where it might do okay, just because you can’t force the enemy to hit Sumitomo while the riposte is active. He’s built like a striker, but he’s just so slow compared to the competition.

Full disclosure, I don’t own a Scarlett, and I have a Kelile at 4/1 (just ascended her this morning because I’m sick of this giant pile of Rogue tokens and not having a red striker beyond… red… hood) and a Sumitomo at 3/60.


I think Sumitomo clearly the worst of the 3.

Scarlett is better at titans and better in a big red stack for challenge events, offensive raids, along with Wilbur, G. Falcon, etc. If you have Wilbur and G. Falcon then Scarlett is clearly the priority because she combos so well with those two.

Kelile meanwhile is better on defense than Scarlett. I wouldn’t recommend using Scarlett on defense whereas I think Kelile can work as a fast sniper on the wings in a defense. She’s not the best 4* sniper, she’s not the worst.

Depends what you need really. If you badly need a sniper on defense then Kelile is your choice. If not then I’d say Scarlett is probably slightly better.

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Scarlett 100%. She’s great. That high attack stat, fast mana, and her attack debuff makes a 4/80 5* hit like a 2/60* 5*, true story. Kelile and sumi aren’t very good. Bottom of the barrel 4* reds. Scarlett being squishy doesn’t even matter tbh like if you’re raiding with her in a mono red team and she dies before getting to fire her special, The raid just wasn’t gonna go your way anyway due to lack of tiles. Against 12* titans Marjana can only survive one hit more than her, so I just think she’s super valuable because of her attack stat and I don’t care that she’s a little squishy. It really doesn’t make a huge difference. But the attack stat does make a huge difference. I use Scarlett more than Marjana. The last 2 wars Marjana didn’t even get used because I just ran mono teams for every attack and I prioritize Scarlett rather than a 4/80 Marjana. I don’t even use Marjana on titans at all because Scarlett is just better. My green titan team is boldtusk, Wilbur, falcon, Scarlett and Wu kong.