Kashhrek, Melendor, Brynhild

I have the ascension materials to level one of these to 4-70, either Kashhrek, Brynhild or Melendor. Who should I choose?

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Brynhild is good but melendor is the most widely usable.

Melendor’s heal and dispel is a really fundamental skill set useful at all levels.

His costume, should it materialize, is also really super.

Kash is only useful for 4* tournament tank really.


I’d go with Melendor due to his versatility and the fact that he heals all the allies. Brynhild is a good healer as well. A big no for normal Kashrek.


This is a hard one and i would defer to @JonahTheBard, but I find Brynhild brilliant when she is supporting, speeding up mana and protecting two dedicated flanking hitters. Melendor is more useful to be sure with his heal all and dispel but is a suicide risk in any arena. Kashhrek was my mainstay at 3/60 for ages but is destroyed in moments if you have a dispeller on your attack team (Probably a while before you encounter the Kashies +20 with +30 (whatever it is maxed) mana troops)

I do like Brynhild, but I would suggest the OP is at an early stage in the game where healing everyone and clearing riposte etc is probably more useful.

Speeding up mana etc is a bit more technical and needs a bit more experience to use well :slightly_smiling_face:


Well then, Melendor is my call for you right now @sateenvarjo


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