Whose the best 4 start healer to level up?

Can anyone Help me Please … Whoe is best 4 star Healer or Healers to level up I have 2 Green Melnors, 2 hashheck
1 red Boldtusktuck, I red guy

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Level bold tusk and kashrek for sure!

I always go for boldtusk first if I see him in a raid or war even if his not the tank!

Kashrek is great awesome tank!


what do you need them for? raid defense? raid offense? world map?

Boldtusk is your only red healer, so definitely him

level up a green at the same time. Kashhrek is great on raid defense, but Melendor and his dispel are great for raid offense and the world map . Without knowing more I say Melendor, more versatile


I have all of these: Melendor, Boldtusk, Kashhrek…Don’t forget Rigard and Sabina (purple).

Also Sonya isn’t a healer but she dispels buffs, etc etc


Melendor heals your entire team with the largest percentage of the 4* (Sabina, Melendor and Rigard). He and Sabina have the debuff which will save you so many times. Rigard cleans away debuffs and burns which will also save you. Sabina and Melendor have high attack stats but are fragile, Rigard wears platemail.

Boldtusk has a low percentage heal of the entire team BUT he is both very tough and has a very strong attack buff for the entire team.

Kashhrek is very tough, has a useful defense up against Fire which is clutch BUT he only heals himself and neighbors nor does he clean your team nor debuff the enemy.

Boldtusk is probably the one that will stay in your main team the longest as you advance with Melendor (Sabina or Rigard too) also useful for a long time.

Kashhrek has a more obvious expiration date although some people have (one person has?) used him all the way into Diamond raid arena.

Kashhrek and Boldtusk can act as solid tanks for a while. Melendor should NEVER be placed in the tank role


Boldtusk is the best one of those easily.

Sturdy for defense, boosts attack to dangerous levels for anything else in the game, makes the difference for titan scores or against hard bosses in the campaign.

Melendor is good as well, he heals more than Boldtusk and dispels. But he is also very squishy and often dies if the enemy so much as looks at him funny.


One of each for sure.


Every time I see Kashhrek in a raid I want to punch him right in his lizard face… then I realize if I did that, him and his 2 closest friends would heal up and beat the hell out of me…

I need moar redz, and I’m only mid-high Gold.

All of those all solid options, very highly regarded. Boost BT and


I just told goodbyes to my Kasshrek in AW defence and welcomed Boldtusk. Sabina is my dark heeler, with emblems she is a force to recognize.


Kashrek is one of the best tanks, but that’s really all he can do. BT is a serviceable tank. I’d level him and Melendor.

I have every 4* classic healer except Melendor. Kashrek is my tank and he’s elevated by defense, but I find Rigard, Sabina, Kiril, and BT more valuable overall.

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Kiril is the only 4* to hold his own vs diamond level teams. Boldtusk would be second, but I find him best stacked

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The best 4* healer to level is the one you have. Especially for F2P players, there are very few options for 5* healers so any and all 4* ones will be worth it.

The first I leveled was Boldtusk. Never regretted it and he is still my number 1 red hero.


BT and Rigard rule!. Kashhrek is good in defense but I find it hard to use him for offense.

I’m really missing Melendor as I lack green heroes. Currently working on Gadeirus, another 4* healer (HoT) but I don’t think his skill is exactly worth it the slow speed

Agree Rigs with his cleanse and BT with his attack boost - both earned emblems.

Gadierus shines in 4* tournaments set to very fast though.


both mines are emblemed. Let’s see how Gadeirus does it in such tournaments

Level BT and use as your tank while you get stronger. Lvl Mel as your healer dispellers, both are great for all facets of the game.

Kash is a great low lvl tank but you can make do using BT so don’t bother with Kash.

Defense is not so important in low levels because your still going to get killed by stronger opponents.

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Nice. How do you have her emblemed? I got both her and Rigard and went with the Cleanse, since I already had Melendor.

A well tested healer in my team boldie and mel. I use them side by side.

With Atlantis Rising (see notes)=


For rare quests ( see notes)=

Melendor/ Sabina
Boldtusk/ Kiril


Click for notes

Atlantis Rising

Rare quests



Do Boldtusk and Melendor. Kashrek is overrated. Boldtusk is a better tank and better at everything else


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