Kageburado or seshat?

Pls i need some help… a month a go i had a blow of lucky and get kage and sheshat.
Today i have both 3x70 and i would know how get my first 6 tabardos…

There’s no mistake on your choice. They are two of the best heroes of the game, but I’d go with Kage because of his debuff before attack

I had the same luck and dilemma. I chose Seshat bc she debuffs 3 but only takes damage from 1 on riposte, and her hit is constant, and minion shield. Kage is up next though. Seshat should see 4/80 this week.


I have both maxed and my vote goes to Seshat (if you don’t already have Domitia). Kage is a beast, but Seshat’s ability to turn the tides in an otherwise lost raid/war match is unique. She deals damage, debuffs and also increases her own HP with the minions. I’ve had numerous occasions (in Diamond) where she was my last hero standing and took out the remaining 2-3 opponents all by herself.


Lol, same here. Actually I posted a ss at Seshat thread, with she still standing on the wing after 2 consecutive repelled attacks at war. In raids she’s one hero army. I won many times against much stronger opponents only because she didn’t wanna die :joy:


I only have Seshat. but twice already she has won me raids where she was the last hero standing… and the enemy couldn’t break through her minions.

my favorite was versus an enemy Zeline, Gravemaker and Alasie (all weakened). Sesh had 3 minions up and survived Alasie’s special. her fast mana speed let me charge her up repeatedly by ghosting tiles, and she somehow managed to murder all 3 before they could fire their specials; her minions let her survive their slash attacks.

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Both of them are powerful heroes! but if I have to pick up first to grow up, it will be Seshat, because her mana can’t be reducted, and… that is a very very useful shield against hard ones like Guinevere, Lady of the Lake… Li Xiu

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I’ll second the vote for Seshat. She is now my go-to purple sniper, replacing Kageburado. Kage is great at the start of a raid, but he his limp-wristed hits against weakened foes is frustrating. Seshat is also incredibly durable. Those self-spawning minions are great.

Kage still comes out to play fairly often (and always against riposte heroes), and he’ll see more time once my second purple mana troop gets to 11.


I have had many battles where Seshat is very low on health but has 3 minions. Kage fires up but barely takes out 1 minion on her. She is even more amazing than I thought… and I “broke the bank” trying to get two of her…

…grateful to have 1… still wish I’d been lucky enough to get 2.


That’s a great point — arrow damage in wars is based on the hero’s health, not counting minions.


The way I got Seshat on my main account was the happiest moment for me in this game. I got her on my alt with 20 pulls, but on my main account didn’t wanna come. Not even pulling Ares among all heroes, didn’t lower my bitterness. I spent the last dime I could afford. And in the end of the month I decided to consume the last 4 EHT on regular epic summon. The first 3 nothing. I had tears in my eyes, I swear, when I pressed the 4th EHT. When I saw her, I cried and run outside only in my pijamas. Some neighbours were really scared and didn’t know what happened :joy:

Anyway, my first post at Seshat thread, even before she appeared, was “best purple hero so far”. Of course, some members rushed to mocking me and laugh. I wonder if are they still laughing…


I would go Seshat hands down.

I have both, Kage+6 and Seshat 3/70.

She is almost as deadly as him already -specially towards the end of the battle- and she is sturdier than him when minions are on.

If I knew I would get her (my story is just like @Scarecrow’s) Khiona would have made a year without tabards last month…

I had the same decision, and I’m going to go against the grain and flip this one around- The question isn’t necessarily who is better at max, Seshat or Kage.

It should be, are you stronger with maxed Seshat and 3/70 Kage, or maxed Kage and 3/70 Seshat?

Kage really kind of sucks at 3/70. I mean technically he’s still pretty strong statwise and deals a lot of damage, but he never actually kills anyone, which is the main thing you want him to do. If an enemy has 51% health, his strike always leaves them alive. If they have <50% health, you don’t get the bonus so you can’t kill them then either.

Between the minions and the dispel-3 and the mana resistance, Seshat can still be really effective at 3/70, and Kage is a beast maxed. I think maxing Kage leaves you in better shape overall, unless you’re already stacked at purple 5*s.


I’m double barreled maxed+ emblems Seshats… And ■■■■ near unstoppable because of it… Only thing that slows me down is a bad deal with little purples…

Would you choose Seshat over Kunchen? I just love healers. Maxing Ariel was the best decision I’ve made in this game. My other maxed 5* purples are Panther, Obakan, and Hel. Kunchen was my first HoTM and I really wanna max him, but then I got Panther and Hel… now Seshat. :confused:
Alliance runs yellow tanks.

Insist that Obakan return those tabards right away! He wanders around mostly naked anyway, he doesn’t need them.

But seriously, with those three maxed, I think Kunchen is a good complement. As more and more defenses are heavily emblemed, i’m finding that smash-and-grab (no healer) raids are less successful. Kunchen meets and exceeds my standards for a slow mana hero: when he fires, you say, “oh sh*t” or “hooray!” depending on whether he’s against or for you.

I know this doesn’t help, but I love running Seshat and Kunchen together.


I wish. At the time, I had no maxed 5*'s, Obakan was my only purple 5* and he was at 3/70… I want to regret it, but he was my first maxed 5*. At the time, he helped me out a lot. I do wish I could get the tabards back, but I don’t think it was a bad decision. It was the best one I had at the time.

I’m surprised that you said Kunchen. I was expecting a vote for the Panther + Seshat combo. Elemental defense down followed by sniper of that color.

I have 8 tabards, so I won’t be able to max both for awhile.

I like what you said about healers. I have a goal of a maxed 5* healer in each color. Currently only have Ariel maxed. I have Kunchen at 3/70. My other color options are Vivica(1/1), Lady of the Lake(1/1), and Grazul(1/1).

I also want a sniper in each color though. I guess it’s a good problem to have; too many options that I want to level. Think I should bring Seshat to 3/70 before making a decision? She is at 1/1 and I’ve never used her.


Yes, bring Seshat to 3/70, play around and see how she fits your team.

5* healers in war are so helpful. Ideally you’ll have one per team.


Not to get too far off topic(I was on topic asking about Seshat :stuck_out_tongue: ), but since slow heroes came up, what are your thoughts on Lady of the Lake? I want to love her, but that slow mana is so tough to get passed…

I’ll bring Seshat to 3/70 as my next project. I do use Kunchen at 3/70 in wars all the time. He’s great! I really don’t think I could go wrong with either hero. Just like the OP couldn’t go wrong with Kage or Seshat. Both are top tier heroes they are lucky to have.

LotL is borderline over-powered. I regret that I didn’t pull her in this outing (getting dupe Arhtur and Guinevere instead—where can I swap?). Another great nature hero fighting for tonics.


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