Ascension question: Seshat or Kageburado?

So, today I draw a Kageburado and my problem is that since I’ve started playing (7ish months ago), Tabards haven been by FAR the harder 4* mat to come by. So whoever I dont ascend will stay on 3/70 for probably forever (as I’m FTP and hence I cant up speed with offers).
My current bench is as follows:

As for my Pvp performance, I can farm plat chest with relative ease by skipping some enemies and cheesing the slow tanks/healer heavy with the purple fish (if I count the drop cupping defenses, easier still). So I can get to 2k with no problems, I do drop cup myself so whenever I start a new pvp chest I’m at 1750/1850. I would like to start working on key units for a diamond rank, so in that regard which one would you guys rather have when fighting for diamond?.

As for War, I’m in a no stress/no rules wars. I’m already the number 1 hitter on every war from both sides, by a large margin while picking only the hardest defenses. I have no plan to move into a competitive alliance, so War performance improvement is a + on the decision but not a must.

I’m currently lacking dispellers, so I guess that could be a reason to prefer Seshat. I have recently draw Sonya and Gandalf, and I’m probably maxing him the moment I have a free feeders and giving him all my druids embles, which should take him to 18.

My current defense team is either: Grimm, Gadeirus, Colen, Rigard and Chao.
Which, tbh I hate. Double slow in the middle is plain awfull, but that is my best raimbow atm. And Gadeirus for having such a slow ult is not scary at all, so yeah. I cant wait to improve this lineup.
My second one, is similar but: Chao, Rigard ,Boril, Colen and Kiril
I dont hate it as much as the first one, but I dislike the idea of having 2 blues. I try to compensate it with Colen there trying to get a free charge and Boril’s defense is still good enough to sustain a x3 green on him kinda off.

Currently I’m waiting for my Tc 20s to deliver some good 5*. I have enough mats to ascend 2 yellows and 1 of each color.
Justice is on a waiting line tbh, I’m not thrilled to ascend her even if I can afford to. I personally was never afraid to go agaist 300/400 teams when I see a Justice in it, I just feel that I have a bigger chance and my experience has proven to be true.
I also just got the 5* Ice bikini witch, like 2 days ago, Lots of ppl use it and in my opinion she is average, so it does have potential. My best bet on blue are Magni or the Richard for ascencion. Because I really want to build a raimbow 5* team that is not going to be heavy on SLOW ults. Everytime I see a high lvl team with 3 slow heroes is usually a walk in the park, even when I have 300/400 less power.

TLDR: Which of this 2 heroes should I ascend, when I want to improve my Pvp rank from Plat to High end Plant/Low end Diamond. Knowing that the hero that isnt ascended will stay at 3/70 FOREVER.

:warning: Edit: I also have a 4* purple mana troop. :warning:

Though question. I love both heroes. In my opinion Seshat is the best purple in the game and one of top 5 heroes overall. And as long as the both heroes are PvP only (they do not help with anything a titan line-up), I would choose the toughest hero, Seshat. And actually the toughest hero in the game after she fires. In general speaking…

But in your situation, as F2P playing for 7 months, I guess a 3.70 Seshat is just fine. Kage isn’t. So, if I were you, I would choose Kageburado for the last ascension. For example, if you are in war, raid or raid tournament and you go against some yellow centre, a full Seshat + 3.70 Kage is much weaker than a 3.70 Seshat + full Kage. The second option is more effective.


Having both kage and seshat as a f2p is amazing. Still if your concern is to break the point to diamond league then Seshat should be your priority.

Your offence is more important than your def and your def can hold 2200+ if you time well your attacks. Seshat will help you a lot in this process, cause even with a bad starting board shes able to survive and defeat three opponant on her own.

On the other hand, kage is great to start violence but need help to clean it off.

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I’m going to suggest that you actually ascend Tiburtus first, he’ll be a great hero for yellow titans and for stacking purple too.

Mine is at 4.70+13 and he still comes with me when I raid with purple in diamond.

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Both are absolutely great, but 1 vote for Seshat :+1: She is better than Kage in overall.

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Scarecrow’s comments about 3/70 Seshat and full Kage being stronger than 3/70 Kage and full Seshat are 100% on point. In fact, the ‘50% rule’ with Kage is so annoying that I wasn’t really happy until I got him emblemed up to 800+ ATK, at which point he quickly becomes incredible.

HOWEVER no one is mentioning troops here. Like all very fast heroes, Kage demands a lvl 11 mana troop. If you don’t at least have a purple 4 star mana troop to work on, I wouldn’t recommend ascending Kage yet. As a F2P, you’ll probably be waiting longer for that then the 6 more tabards you need.

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Both heros amazing but Seshat is one man army. You can use her everywhere. My vote for her. But its tough decision. And in your situation maybe better wait and ascend some more 4*?

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Thanks a lot for all the indepth advice!. Very much appreciated, the mana troop is something I completely forgot to consider but is indeed a very important factor. I do have a 4* purple mana troop (lvl2, never bothered to lvl it up because of the punitive cost and the lack of use on slow/average heroes unless going really high).
But, if Im not wrong with my 4*purple mana troop at lvl 11 I should be able to charge Kage with 6 tiles, correct?.

As for maxing others 4* first, I feel like atm I have plenty. On my to do list before going for Seshat or Kageburado I have Gandalf to take to max w/18 emblems and Liu Xiu to get her to 3/70. I have plenty of color specific resources for all my 4* but I have to keep and eye on my gloves, which I only have 7 and I want to use 5 of them on possible 5*s that come my way.

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