Level Seshat or Kage?

I had this very big luck to summon Kage and Seshat at once! But I am not sure who to level. First I was sure of Kage (I already started to level him today) . Also because I have Mitsuko maxed and Inari soon to use the family bonus. But looking more and more at Seshat I am getting more and more uncertain. The special abilities Seshat has seems to be stronger in my opinion. What is your opinion?


I’d go with Seshat. That fast mana speed is going to serve you very well.

I’m a bit jealous of your pull!! 5 months in, and no 5*s yet…

I have to admit I had also a real losing streak. I am sure also yours will end.

But take into account that Kage has very fast mana speed.

Kageburado first. His skill is very oppressive.


100% Kage unless you need an archer

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Kage all the way. Seshat is amazing but having the cleanse before the hit is indispensable, either for Guin or counterattack heroes. You won’t regret it.


I am undecided on this too!!
My main tank is Kunchen and I just got a bunch of 5* purples - Sartana, Kageburado and Seshat.
I have zero trap tools and not even enough tabards for one.

Sartana was being leveled when the other two came along and is currently at 3/25.
Should I continue Sartana to 3/70 first?

As for emblems, Gravemaker has all my barbarian emblems, Liana is at 4/50 and will likely take the ranger emblems, and Proteus has the wizard emblems.

Between Kage and Seshat I am still looking for feedback as they both debuff, please advise

Kage for brutal kills and Seshat for durability. Her minion is fun! I find dealing with Seshat was harder then Kage.
Anyway, both aren’t a good hero because after hundreds of pulls, they never come to my roster. My opinion will change once I pulled either of them. Which is highly impossible since I turned f2p…lol.

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I think that Seshat could pair very well with Kunchen, specially because of the bonus mana from the elemental link.

The minions don’t give mana, the mana is from the elemental link.

I vote seshat.

Sniper, replication minion every 3 turns, dispells enemy and nearby, 4% elemental mana buff.

Corner seshat is hard to kill.


Hang in there, your luck will get better! I’m also f2p since starting about 6 weeks ago because I want to master the basic mechanics of this amazing game my first year before investing cash. That being said, I have changed myself from a sprinting mentality to acknowledging the crazy marathon that this will definitely become. I am primarily replying to you because I want to encourage you that you will eventually obtain 4-Star Epic and 5-Star Legendary Heroes. I just pulled Seshat out of the purest luck of a Bonus Pull that was bundled with Tirburtus a few days ago so I’m speaking from experience. Good luck to you! :slight_smile:

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Both great heros :slight_smile: I have 2 Kages and 1 Seshat maxed. Essentially, both worth levelling but I use Seshat in my defence team because I have GM for Barbarian and needed a solid ranger. Perhaphs take the talents into consideration based on your other heroes which may swap your decision.
(If talents did not existing then ide say go kage, but only barely)

I think it is very sound advice to look at talents and consider those when formulating a team. Things like Elemental Links and having Heroes of the same Family will further increase their offensive and defensive capabilities.

That being said, before merging “unwanted” or “duplicate” heroes to make a favorite stronger, take a moment to really review their skills, buffs, and other battlefield effects such as buff neutralization or “Team Shuffle” to really give your opponent a hard time! (My current nemesis being the Cheshire Cat! That Dazzling Grin is awesome! I hate it!!! Lol)

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Kage - you will have no regrets as there is no substitute for him

Seshat - great with plenty of power and abilities but don’t all of us have been fighting Guin without her all this while (she can go next)

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You can get all 3 of your snipers to 3/70 since you have plenty of time for it.
Yes continue your Sartana to 3/70 since you are almost there.

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I wish so. Just wasted my last few hundreds gems with Brienne, Belith and Gobbler…sigh!

Thanks all who answered (since I also asked about this in the middle of the thread), after doing some research and watching this comparison video I will first focus on Kage, but will eventually level up both.

I know the feeling! I wanted Atomos so bad…but Melia decided to show up! She’s my first summoned hero that’s part of a “Family” so I’ll work on putting together an all Atlantis team eventually to discover and maximize that benefit. Any suggestions?

Thx for sharing!!! I appreciate it! Go check also my birthday stream topic

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