Best Purple with Guin on D

Who’s the better Guin pair for my Defense team, Kageburado on flank or Seshat on wing?

It was originally Alby, Magni, Guin, Kageburado, Marjana, but I’m wondering if Seshat would be the better purple overall.

I like seshat better - i have all 3 - seshat hits better and her minions are great defenders for her


Another vote for Seshat :heart_eyes:

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Kage is an amaising left flank, as he will often fire first he can blow up almost everybody with his skill. Seshat is more valuable as a wing. If she fires her minion rotation start and its a pain to deal with especially if your snipers are done.

As far as I know you can use both with guin, both flank or Left flank for Kage and right wing for Sesh.


I thought is obvious for everyone Seshat is better wing. She survived many times in AW 3 attacks in a row (I even posted once). As flank, her minions don’t stand a chance for multiplying.

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I probably should have asked the question better should Kageburado he flank on my D team or should Seshat be Wing @Scarecrow

It’s moreso about who I should ascend to be on my D team based on those heroes. But if I chose Seshat I would not flank her. It seems as Guin/Kage is the better combo but Seshat is the better hero…

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This is debatable… She is better in some situations, Kage is much better in other situations. I for one, I have only Seshat on both accounts and she is my best hero in everything (except titans), but I don’t want another hero so much as I want Kage. Not even a new event hero.


Have both - Seshat +9 and Kage+3 and guin tank for raid. Am usually around 2550-2600 cups.
Have tried many different set ups for defense and frankly don’t see a significant change.
Tried rainbow with only Kage flank, rainbow with only Seshat flank and also rainbow with seshat wing. Tried with both flanking Guin.
At current stage Kage left flank, Seshat right wing.

With all the options there is almost no difference in result.

Sharing my experience with both.

On atttack together they fight crime :slight_smile:

Funny thing - don’t use either in war as we run purple tanks and am there with Hel+8 and run rainbow :)))


@ALI_G Considering you have tried both, for my first 5* purple to make D team, and I can only choose 1 to go with this defense

Alby/Kingston, Magni, Guin, Kage, Marjana


Alby/Kingston, Magni, Guin, Marjana, Seshat

Who would you ascend first?
And also, could Kage be on right flank as well or does he need to be on left flank only?

@Ziel05 I’m using this team for D so it will be only one up there with Guin at a time. Eventually I will max both and can swap in out as needed, but for first line up…

I maxed first Seshat over Kage - but I look at these decisions from an overall perspective - attack and defense - never prioritzie heroes on defense.

For everyone is different - but Seshat won me many more raids and war hits than Kage on offence - she is just a beast once she gets going - sometimes alone vs 2-3 heroes at the end in a raid she pulls it off.

Re Kage - don;t think it matters so much whether right or left flank


Interesting. I don’t have Kage but do have Seshat. I would have said Kage. I think Seshat is more valuable on offense.

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Kage is overrated when it comes to damage - when opponent health is lower his damage is next to nothing - seshat ALWAYS hits hard and great defense with her minions - seshat is better than kage ib any position - k have both and used them both extensively in many situations - seshat no question

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I’d go kage and probably will even ascend a 2nd kage before a first sesh but that’s just me


Sesh is a one man army.
Her minions are so strong.

Such a cool def would be
Kage Sesh Guin Kage Sesh

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and easy beat with yellow stack

Hmm, maybe your stack won’t ever charge…

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Kage - Panther - Ursena - Kage - Seshat
Kage - Panther - Ursena - Guin - Seshat



20 shocked characters lol

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I’m a rainbow defense person, and in this case I don’t have tabards to ascend both at once anyway so if I change to color stacked D that will happen later lol

So I decided to go with Kage first. But next set of tabards are immediately going to Seshat. Thanks for the help guys.

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