Sartana, or Seshat?

OK. I have 6 Tabards and everything else that I need to ascend just ONE 5* Dark hero. I have Sartana at 3.64, but I just pulled Seshat. Which one should I work toward maxing? I WAS going to do Seshat by default, but then I started to consider my team. I have Gravemaker and Rana and I’m working toward building a hitter team with nasty stacking DOT’s, and I started to think that Sartana might be better. Of course it might be better to diversify the team a bit so that a single Rigard can’t just cleanse everyone on their side. What do you guys/girls think?

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Seshat all the way. She is a very good sniper and once she gets the minions going, it is very annoying to go against.


Both are top notch hero’s. I’ve not been lucky enough to pull either , yet. Just my opinion based on their cards and raiding, Seshat should get the mats. Not only is she new and shiny but her attack stat is higher, hp should match sartana closely with the minions and you get the elemental link.


I was hoping that was what I’d hear. lol Seshat it is! BONUS: her minions are SKULLS!!! lol


Seshat first, Sartana next. Both are pretty identical heroes, Seshat is slightly better though due to stats.

Sartana does hit a little bit harder with her skill though, and she gets Jynx talent which can be deadlier than pierce. But still, Seshat goes first for that high attack stat.

Yeah it’s true enough that her DoT stacks. But that’s more useful for your defense team where the AI charges as turns pass, and where the attacker may have to double think about when they use their cleanser. For offense GM and Rana are different colors and speeds, unless you get a magic board combination charging them at the same time isn’t going to be a likely scenario :wink:


She helped me to #1…no regrets leveling her


Seshat has three key features that (in my thinking) greatly outweigh the moderately lower total damage:

  1. Immunity to mana reduction. This is huge against Guinevere.
  2. Dispel target & nearby. Also huge against Guinevere and generally very useful.
  3. Very annoying minions

Seshat > Sartana


What direction did you go with emblems?

Here ya go…

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Seshat hands down

I mean she is a fast mana sniper with higher tile damage for titans, a dispel of target and nearby, minion summons to help on defense team, along with the 4% mana boost (which still not 100% sure how useful that is really)

Sartana is a fast mana sniper with DoT

Just the difference in length of descriptions should answer itself. Basically sesh brings everything to the table that sartana does but also brings a lot more.


Thanks for all the replies. I’ll definitely do Seshat first. I felt that was the right way to go. I just wanted some confirmation on it since I’m only 5 months or so in and still make mistakes here and there.

Attack, attack, and attack. Just like every snipers. Attack. Did I say attack ?

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