Kadilen or wait?

C2p player here (I pay for VIP intermittently).
I finally have all the mats to fully ascend my first 5 star! BUT, its green and my only 5 star green is Kaliden. Should I be waiting for Lianna? (I have 4x tc20) or is the jump in power by maxing your first 5 star worth it regardless of who it is?

Note: I have 3 tomes and 3 Damascus blades, 1 dart away from Joon and 1 telescope away from Magni. 2 items short for red and purple.

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Kaliden is not very good, but better than nothing

What do you have in 4*? You’re better to concentrate on a good stable of 4* heroes before moving on to 5*.

I’m c2p, have a maxed Liana and one at 1/1, both from tc20. I would keep the tonics for a while. You can still level her when you get to having 11 tonics and still no Lianna. Especially if you have good green 4*s to work on.

Me too, I have Kadilen and Margaret, and have 6 tonics. But I still working on *4 bench. After at least Melendor, Caedmon, Jack O’Harre maxed and Little John (3.60) I will bring both to 2.60, then decide later on.

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Kadilen is fine for platinum and lower diamond where the opponents are mostly 4 *s.
She deal a considerable damage to lower d/h stats opponents but barely scratch the battle hardened legendary heroes.
It’s all down to your roster. If you already has more than 2 rainbow team of fully level 4 *, then it’s about time to start working on the 5 *.

I had the same dilemma when Kadilen pop up from my tc20 few months ago. Decided to bring her up to 3 - 70. Then I realize, I need a sniper as I’ve had a slow aoe in Quintus. Few days later, Lianna pop up from tc20 and there is no looking back ever since.

The odds of pulling a 5* from TC20 is about 5%. There are 20 different 5* available in TC20. Even with 4 running at once, it could be a very, very long time before you pull Lianna.
Kadilen isn’t that bad, the protection against special skills is nice. Also, you have two great snipers already thanks to Joon and Magni. Magni will increase your defense and Kadilen will bump up your defense against special skills. That’s a good combination.
The odds of pulling Lianna are low, but yeah, it could happen tomorrow. What you have to decide is if you would be really disappointed if you pulled Lianna right after using the tonics… You have 2 great snipers, and personally, I’m a fan of variety. I say go for it. Also, you aren’t too far away from getting that last dart for Joon. The rare quest is… sort of close? 2 more before it, I think?


I have about 12 maxed 4 stars.

I’d ideally aim for at least 3 maxed 4* of each colour before concentrating on 5*. This from bitter experience of concentrating on 5* too soon myself.


Honestly I dont think Kadi is as bad as people make out. Sure her ss doesent do massive damage but her ss def up is actually quite good. I have greg n zeline maxed and still have 2 elks , 2 Kadi and 3 treeman all at 1/1 (still have 14 tonics) because I have never scored lianna either. If I didnt have greg n zel, I would have maxed kadi for sure.

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Kadilen is good with heroes that decrease defenses.
If you have Santa Claus or Kunchen she would be a better flank than Lianna.

But if your red and purple heroes are top notch you could still use your x2 tomes & blades for them.
Joon is to ascend :slight_smile:


Thanks for the perspective. Indeed, I could fail to pull Lil for years. As f2p/c2p I may be better off playing the heroes I have, rather than holding out for a low probability outcome.


Even if you were P2P, there is no guarantee you will get a specific hero, no matter how many summons you do. I agree with that advice; play with what you have, not with what you wish you had. Kadilen could help you stay in diamond and get more diamond chests. I got a 4* mat from a diamond raid chest today.
I maxed Obakan, because he was the only purple 5* I had. I used him for a couple months before getting another 5* purple. Now I have Hel, Kunchen, Seshat, and Guardian Panther. Believe me, I wish I could get those mats back from Obakan. I don’t regret maxing him, though. He was my only option at a time and was better than nothing. He helped me raid in diamond and increase my chances at more rare mats. I’m all for saving those hard to get mats for the best heroes, but they don’t do you any good if they are gonna sit in your inventory for the next year while you pray to RNGesus the next train will produce Lianna.

@ImaSuriDondai did you finish season 2 normal and hard?
You get a lot of atlantis coins along with mats.

Kadilen is nice to look at but not an immediate ascend to tier 4.

Like others said, focus on your 4*, try to do more season two for coins to pull from Atlantis. Might pull tarlak, certainly can wait until the end of the month to decide whether to max kadilen.

I maxed Kadilen to lvl 80, but still get better results with raid defense using Caedmon+14 instead of her. My defense team includes Isarnia on flank, and Kadilen is supposed to work well with her, but I’m not impressed.

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I recommend having 2x good rainbow 5* 3.70 teams before using any 4* ascension items.

I also recommend a roster of 15x to 25x 4* 3.70 and 5x to 10x 4* 4.80 heroes before leveling 5* heroes since 5* heroes take so much Hero XP and food ( see notes ).

On average, you will get 3x 3* ascension items for every 1x 4* ascension item ( see notes).

Many high level players have a glut of 3* ascension items and lack Hero XP ( Atlantis Rising and Advanced House level 9 should help) and lack of 4* ascension ( maybe Alchemy Lab version 3 will help ).


Gryphonkit, my wife, and I love Kadilen, the only fast mana speed, attack all enemy, Classic 5* hero.

Kit has Kadilen 5*+2.
I have Kadilen 5* 3.70.

But we have the 4* / 5* heroes to support Kadilen.

Kadilen was added in the second to last Classic 5* hero update.


Click for notes

Hero roster

Train camps and Hero XP

([Play style] When to level your first rainbow 5* team based on Hero XP from training camps, team depth, team versatility, war, and upcoming class update- Updated with food costs)

3*/ 4* ascension items




Kadilen is a good 5* supporting hero but on her own is lacking. She needs the heroes around her to be effective. Thus I would not rush to make her among the first 5* levelled up.


What are the best support for her?
Will start her once LJ is finished and bring to at least 2/60 or 3/70.

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Kadilen is really well supported on defense by a healer to keep her standing. She can tank fairly well and that buff vs. special keeps enemy snipers from taking her out too easily.



Depends on your roster.

Field Aid

For Field Aid (WR), Gryphonkit likes to run Zimkitha, Delilah, Kadilen as her flanks and center.

I have decent luck with Thoth-Amun, Grimm, Boldtusk, Kadilen, Joon.

Kadilen 's protection from special skills is not overwritten by defense debuffs like Gormek, Wilbur or Falcon.

So Field Aid (WR) helps heal Kadilen. She has decent protection from snipers. A center, or flank, healer also keeps her healthy.

It can be very frustrating for low level attackers.


Kadilen 5* 3.70 is also nice for farming if you do not have any green, fast mana speed, attack all enemies.


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