Please help me design my best war defense team

Hi please can someone help me with an alliance war team…arrows and feild aid…I have been going mad trying to sort 2 teams I have chopped and changed so many times I have lost the plot

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Firstly, does your alliance use coordinated tanks?

Edit - I’ve changed your thread title to be more specific for the type of advice you are after.

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I am so glad this isn’t about what I first thought on reading the title.

Are you looking for defense teams?


Alliance was using yellow or red tank but we have gone back to any good tank… And yes please defence team for both arrow and field aid…

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Anyone? Please any help would be apriciated

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@Rigs can you help him… thanks

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Nevermind read down and found info

Evelyn boldtusk ranvir grimm sartana

Probly how I’d go for both set of war boosts

You could try…

Evelyn, Frida, Boldie at tank (until you level up Kunchen), Joon & Sartana.

Looking for a rainbow team. Thankfully, rigs has you covered :smile:.

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Many thanks I have BT, grimm, ranvir, everlyn and Kunchen as my main team in that order so many thanks

Would you use kuncen at tank? I find ran does better here … I tried BT and kunch but they just don’t last

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Kunchen is the most common dark tank I see in diamond – major pain. At 3:70 not as robust. I use to tank Boldie in Platnium but with emblems. He’s still on my def team until I get a 5* red, but with 19 emblems he’s earned his spot. @Scarecrow what do you think?

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@Fletcher, as far as I can see, you have only one option with those heroes. Hansel, Grimm, Bold, Ranvir and Sartana.

I face 4200-4400 opponents in my wars. Running red tanks. My alt has tank BT +18. Rarely is beaten in one shot. And once that defense resisted 5 attacks in a row (I presume Bold revived and fired, which results in game over most times). True, I have 3 powerful and fast legendaries near him and Peters +19. But still, you should try it. And your Bold must be emblemed only def/HP and stopped at +18. Good luck.

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Thanks I will give that a try