Need Help For Best Defense Team Please

Hey guys,

I’ve been in the game for a while but new to the forums.

I need suggestions and opinions for the best defense team with the roster I have.

Thank you for any suggestions in advance

That’s a tough one with these heros, I would say the if you had a good secondary troop then I’d like seeing Santa on there instead of elkanen, but then joon and Santa are both monks, basically you need someone taking the place of elkanen, people have alot of mixed views on kunchen but him replacing elkanen as a cleric and on flank with zim would be a good combination. At the end of the day elkanen needs to be substituted out eventually with someone better. Your line up is pretty good now. A kage-zim-aegir-kunchen-joon line would be nice in my opinion but it’s a long ways away, especially if you’re one the many not feeling kunchen and given you have the troops. Strictly my opinion, I’m not a game specialist by any means. :smile:

Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I just got Kunchen today, and I have issues with slow mana heros. From my experience on raiding, slow mana heros are very easy to kill before SS trigger, that’s why I am not a fan of santa or kunchen.

In terms of elkanen, i 100% agree that it needs replacement, and I tried having boldtusk (+6 talent) in there instead but that didnt seem to work as well as i thought.

So I am still clueless as to who I should replace elkanen with :frowning:

Once again, thanks for your opinion.

Elkanen isnt the worst thing ever for now. You have to be well into diamond league that’s all that really matters. I am pretty deep into wars as of late I guess that’s why I pushed for kunchen. Any healer has some worth in wars, maybe not first attacks but second half attacks and second attempt hits on you. You’re obviously a cheap to play player at the very least, better heros will come your way. Hope at the very least this brings more attention to this thread for other opinions. Good luck!

Try this defense for now:

next steps:

  1. stop giving emblems to Aegir
  2. level Onatel
  3. level Kunchen
  4. use this team:

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