[Jun 26, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Decimation Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

Slight diversion… I only want one Proteus and you had 3…? What?!

Sorry… back to the OP.

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Yes, and it is now one of my primary goals to have a viable team for every class trial. Was so stoked to draw Boril and Rigard to massively upgrade my clerics, allowing me to finish the Trials of Piety and Justice for the first time, albeit with difficulty. Although I would have preferred Boldtusk, Colen was a welcome addition to my fighter stable this week. I’m also now leveling Leonidas and Thorne to shore up my monks and paladins, respectively. Building a diverse roster is the most fun part of the game to me.


I know i know. Wealth of riches. If I could take it back I’d never eat that 3rd one and would trade him to you. :smile: Everyone should know the joy. To relate back to the forum convo though (:wink:), sure was nice having both Pro at my side for stage 3.

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Tell that to the Atlantis portal when I make my next set of pulls. Still missing Proteus and Wilbur.


I can’t believe how easy this trial was thanks to Proteus. He’s the real MVP. I remember using all bombs, axes and dragons last time. This time, only 10 small mana pots were used.

Trainer goes to Proteus, obviously :laughing:

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That’s why class trials are such fun


I use bomb and arrow at every step. I know, but if not my heroes will fast die.
And at the last step boss, I should focus front bosses, not Ulmer.
And off course I should leveling *4 or *5 other heroes to replace *3.
Using 2776 Power with recommendation is 4000, that’s much.

Here is the video:


Now I think that your team has a chance of beating this trial. I would have replaced those revive scrolls with turtle banners, and arrows with axes. The dragon banners are to prevent the use of axes and bombs before the final bosses, so you can nuke them from the very beginning. I focused also in Oberon at first. With proteus, you may have a chance, and Gato seems very helpful to prevent Oberon’s poison. I maybe swap Ulmer for him the next time

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Boldtusk + Kiril.

Yes. I let Ulmer fire near the end but Kiril erase his debuff.

Proteus is KING.

3/60 Kasshrek replaced by 4/70+4 Kiril. Another 3 heroes maxed and emblemed (forgot to change the troops).

Old Team:

New Team:

Easier as it reduce potions usage.

Used items: 2 Healing Potions, 1 Super Healing Potion, & 10 Minor Mana Potions.

For Boldtusk & Proteus.

All trainers goes to Ariel.

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My team last time: Kiril 4/70+17, Colen 4/70+7, Guardian Panther 3/70, Hu Tao 4/70
My team this time: Kirl 4/70+17, Colen 4/70+7, Hel 4/41, Guardian Panther 3/70, Hu Tao 4/70

-I brought Kiril for healing. My Boldtusk is still unleveled(I need to get on that)
-Kiril was helpful removing the defense debuff and increasing my attack.
-I have Proteus, Merlin, Hel, and Guinevere. I brought Hel and found her extremely useful.

-I swapped Kashhrek for Hel
-The trials were a lot easier with Hel’s mana control.
-Thanks to Hel, I didn’t need any items at all.
-Hoarding the emblems for now.
-Hel at the trainer hero.


I don’t think that’s considered an upgrade :thinking:

You almost had it, I was hoping you will heal the team with BT,… just before he was one shot.
Nice try!


I should have read this earlier. But your team is good enough to win the last stage. I am used to bring 3* heroes to the final boss alive.

Yes 3* are squishy but if you know how to use your item, you can keep them alive. I have done that many times without healer (paladin + ranger, I even complete the first one without fully ascended 4*). I even bring 4 3* and 1 2* alive to win a last stage.

The items you shall bring is 10 Healing Potions, 5 Axe Attack, 5 Bomb Attacks, 5 Dragon Attacks.

Use 1 axe on the first wave
Ghosting between waves.
Use 1 more axe on the fourth wave.
Use all remaining bombing items on bosses
Use Proteus skill and in 3 turns you will win.

With this strategy, ever since I hit level 30, I always complete the last stage of trials, even with team power below 2300.


Last time I was faaaar from where I am right now, I believe I just did the 1st stage.
My team this time:

Got Kash a while ago and this past week got Kiril and BT, but I barely have got time to level them. I’m only level 29, so just 2 first stsges, but I’m getting there. It wasnt that hard thanks to my Valen as well, and only used health potions, some arrows and an axe :slight_smile: