[Jun 26, 2019] 🔵 Trials of Decimation Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

Two of Proteus, Boldtusk, Kiril, and Hu Tao is really the perfect team to make an easy, albeit a little slow, win.

The Bosses never fired once.

This screenshot with no items used and good (maybe perfect?) health says it all:

Shiny New Emblems

Proteus and Boldtusk both went to +17, which is exciting, except that while half awake I forgot that I was saving up Iron for the Hunter’s Lodge. :man_facepalming:

No matter, I’ll just go raiding some more. :pirate_flag::crossed_swords:

Click for Screenshots and Stats

Rigard Rigard

My second Rigard ate the Trainer Hero, which is a nice little bump as I’m really looking forward to having him for Wars.


Boldtusk447 Colen360 Sumitomo360 Kiril70+6 Ulmer50+4
Used a few minormana couple bombs couple dragons

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My team:

All stayed alive until the bosses.

Gato clocked out first, but not before he protected Lancelot and Boldtusk from Oberon’s poison. Then Lancelot clocked out later, but by then only Ulmer was left.


Team changed a bit. My 3 stars have been replaced by Kiril, Guinevere and Sumitomo but all of them partially leveled so was quite tough. Easy to get to the bosses but I definitely needed to use a bunch of items and got way too close at the end…

As you can see from my team setup I have exactly 0 maxed wizards and fighters so the emblems are going on the shelf. Cyprian will get the trainer.

Hope to have Kiril and Guin maxed next time around so fingers crossed. Just need the orbs for Guin!


My team (same as last time):

It went OK, I used some items but not everything and I had an ‘item free’ run in the last trials so I can’t complain, although it was a little close in the end:

Having BT and Kiril though, I think it should’ve/could’ve gone better. I will try and pull for Proteus tomorrow with Atlantis, I think that will make a big difference in terms of item use based on everybody else’s feedback. Worst case, I have enough trap tools for Merlin to see if he’s that much better at 4-70.


This trial was way easier this time around having all the heroes I did this round.


Similar team
Proteus 4*+11
Kiril 4*+1
Boldtusk 4*+14
Proteus 4* 3.22 ( replacing Valen 3*+1 for 1st time )
Hu Tao 4* 3.60

Used a Dragon Attack immediately, later used a Bomb Attack. I probably could have finished without using either, but this was my first Class quest with two Proteus so I was a little bit nervous.

Boldtusk, and second Proteus died, should have brought Mana 25% potions.


well…I had to choose between Ulmer and Renfeld…you see what I did.
Keeping him alive was a hard task, but 2 healers kept him alive long enough. Once again Hel is just impressive and prevented me fron using all items. Next time I hope Proteus will be at least at 3/60 to make his debut on this trial


Only stage 2, I do not know if I can clear stage 3, any advice are welcome, it is 20 flag, and currently sand empire at Advantage level 14. And tomorrow is Atlantis.
My team:

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Apparently I did not post in the last trials !

No change to my last team/lineup of heroes .
A few battle items needed as I forgot to walk w antidotes. Small mana pots always help.

TP : 3350 or thereof.
Full :rainbow: team.
Kiril, boldusk, Proteus at 4/70
Kashy 3/60
Poseidon 3/48

Workable … Poseidon passed away at the hands of Balthazar :pensive:


Team from last time around.

Todays team

I’m lucky to have an embarrassment of riches to choose from with the fighter/ wizard class quest allowing me to swap Kiril and Proteus out for Delilah and Panther.
Panther and Hel combo is lethal especially with a board full of purple gems at the ready to let them fire up again. Between Boldtusk and Delilah my heroes were always in healthy shape.
This is definitely one of the easier trials for me.
Emblems will go to Delilah and Hel. Feeder hero will be chilling on the bench for a bit while I wait for my next project to work on.


If you had a second healer e.g. Kiril or 2nd Boldtusk then I would definitely say that stage 3 is doable. The problem is that Proteus even when maxed is rather squishy and your 3*s will probably get 1 shot killed by the minions leading up to the final bosses where you will definitely have to carpet bomb them.


Wish I had better news, buddy, but your team is pretty similar to the one I’ve been using, and I don’t think you’re going to survive stage 3. The mob waves alone are pretty tough on three-stars. I have had an unlucky three-star die in the first wave before, and you are pretty much toast if that happens. If you could get to the boss wave, you might luck out, but you are still looking at two potent AoE specials at that point. So there is no “maybe they won’t target the weak link”. It’s more like, “How many of my guys can survive this?” And the answer, unfortunately, is probably “not many”. For 20 WE, especially during Sand Empire, I think I’d sit this one out.


I would have to agree… I love all your 3* heros but they lack punch and you’d use a lot of resources just to make it to the final stage - where you would REALLY need them.

IMHO, your 20 WE flags are better spent elsewhere.

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Finished with Anzogh, Lancelot, Boldtusk, Kashhrek and Kiril. Take almost 4 minutes due to the lack of firepower and below average board.

1st mob wave : Gato + Valen dead :skull_and_crossbones:
After that, Kash kept everyone alive.
Used 3 dragons, all axes and arrows for safety purposes, as purple and green tile were pretty rare on the boss wave.
Emblems are kept for now, same with the trainer.
@jinbatsu if you can carpet bomb the last stage, i would give it a shot. Still 11 days for SE, and AR is tomorrow, so you could use 20 WE and still have enough for both events imo. The important thing would be to always have BT ready to heal and him + Proteus full health. As said by @Noble_Weasel, your 3* will die during mobs waves, without a doubt.


Used a dragon and a bomb, Sabina ate the trainer.


@genuineness I do not have Kiril, I have unleveled 2nd Boldtusk, and other unleveled Kashhrek, Anzogh, Poseidon, Magni.

@Noble_Weasel you are pretty correct.

@Sarah2 you are correct!

@J1mau well thats what I also planing.

Thank you all for the advices guys.
And I have try it already (before I read all your comment), and failed. But I do not regret spending 20 flag, as this is my 1st try overall trial at stage 3, and now I know which should be more prepare for next trial, etc.

I have the video recorded, I will upload and let you know.


Proteus (my bae), Hu Tao, Kiril, Colen, Proteus #2. Just now starting to really get the hang of utilizing my Proteus duo correctly, and am loving it.

Often find myself shaking my head at pulling a 3rd Pro early on in the game (my #1 (bae) Proetus was my 1st 4* pull) and feeding him to bae. I didn’t know what I was doinnngggg. Sweet summer child.


Sorry. for that, but you’re not the only one who hasn’t enough 4* for all trials. It happens the same to me when it comes about trials with barbarians