🔵 [July 10, 2019] Trials of Strength Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

I forgot to bring in antidotes again. I’ve been trying to finish as many of these without nuking at the end and setting Azlar off right before i killed him first really sucked. Then i set off Elena and killed my magni with her riposte by accident. I’m getting sloppy.
Here are the stats.

Last time

This time.

End shot.
3* trainer not slated for anyone currently. I’m gonna build another stash of trainers for my next 5* 4th tier project. Just finished Kunchen earlier today. He made 9 fully maxed 5* heroes. These class trials giving 3* trainers is a blessing


Last time Boldtusk had 6 tokens

And i didnt use any items woooho!


I wish I can say Delilah but Boldtusk it is.

I don’t bring Dragon Attack.

No, only some emblems and troop level. (I forget to use my 4* red troop…)

Here is the current team:


Used Items: 10 Healing Potions, 5 Super Healing Potions, 5 Axe Attacks, & 3 Bomb Attacks.

In Bank.

Ascended to 4th tier.

No ordeal this time, done in 1 attempt.


Did you manage to beat them?

My team

Suggested 4000TP vs 3089TP and wasn’t confident, but scraped through using all my toys - all my mini health potions and arrows, some antedotes & nearly all my axes.

Elena was the first to fall, but I set off her counterattack. With no debuffers on my team, I couldn’t dodge it and sacrificed Gato and Gormek to take out Azlar - thank goodness for antedotes because his slow mana didn’t stop his special firing a few times.

Once Azlar fell, Nashgar his 3* equivalent was no match for Grimm and BT on hand was a bonus!

Trainer hero will be fed to… Idk yet, although emblems will stay in my inventory for now.


This is the first time I complete this trial, because this is the first time I can bring a decent team to the battlefield. I did really struggle at the end but BT handled it well those last turns :slight_smile:

BT is +8 and that’s enough. I will keep emblems now for Magni. Sir Lancelot has claimed the trainer hero


Is no ordinary 3*, it’s a 3* with HP 4080…

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I kept 3 Grimm just for this Trial :grin:


Very good plan…I am working on that too…
It appeared the two MVPs in this trial are BT and Grimm.


Good luck, ensure you arrive at the boss wave with all your heroes charged ready, then unleash, BT first, if you have Ulmer in place of Valen, the AOE def debuff will help.


I was so close! But Nashgar died way too soon cause I didnt pay attention… I have to wait now for the WE, but will be retrying with more talents I guess :grimacing:


Sadly I havent got him yet, one of those 3* I never got :man_shrugging: I’ve got Karil, tho, do you think he could do better than Valen in this trial?

@Robkirky1, this is exactly my team, minus a few emblems. I just recently received BT so he’s waiting on more emblems for now.

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My team this time:

  • Gormek +12
  • Poseidon 4^80
  • Grimm 4^70
  • Colen 4^1
  • Valen +20

Compared to last time, Gormek is up 3 talents, Valen is up 1, Poseidon is maxed (up from 4^48) and my new red project, Colen, is in for Namahage 3^50.

Historically, this is one of my better trials, but this round didn’t go nearly as well as usual. The mob waves weren’t that difficult; maybe used a couple of small heals, since Boldtusk still eludes me. Opened the boss wave by firing all specials at Elena, popping a yellow diamond, and firing Poseidon at Elena again. Also used a bomb to blunt the bosses’ attacks.

Somehow, I still didn’t manage to kill Elena before she fired. Didn’t really have a bad board or anything. I don’t think I’ve ever allowed her to fire in this trial before. Azlar also fired the next turn, which put me in a world of hurt. All of my heroes were burning, and I used all my healing potions to keep them alive. Seeing that reflect from Elena’s special applied to all bosses (why was I thinking it was only her that got the buff?) made me hesitant to try applying more tile damage, especially with a 2-2-1 stack, where the reflected damage could pile up pretty quickly and combine with Azlar’s DoT. Just unloaded with items, saving only 4 dragon attacks.

Really disappointed with this performance. I anticipated that Colen would make this trial easier, but when I was unable to kill either Elena or Azlar before they fired, things got hairy really quickly. I don’t really have options to make this team any better. The only heroes I could switch in would be maxed but unemblemed three-stars. Just have to hope for better luck next time, I guess. Maybe use items to ensure that Elena dies, then try to defeat Azlar with tiles. We’ll see in a month or so.

Anyway, Gormek falls a few emblems short of +13. Up to 57 fighter emblems for Poseidon’s first node, so maybe he will get that soon. Still hoping for Boldtusk, and if he shows, I’ll probably hold the emblems for him instead. Waiting to pull emblems from Valen until I no longer need him in class trials. Right now, I still need him in this one and Trials of Decimation both. Trainer hero goes to Colen.


Third verse, same as the first.

Sir Not Appearing In This Trial:

  • Sir Lancelot
  • Gretel
  • Sumitomo
  • Poseidon

So many options, but I still prefer my current team composition.

Made it to the bosses with everyone locked and loaded. BT, then Grimm x 2 on Elena, then Kage on Azlar. I dropped some tiles and Azlar went down.

I dropped tiles to recharge the Grimms and Elena went off. Finally, a reason to use Delilah’s heal. BT followed it up to top everyone off. Kage promptly dispelled Elena’s counter-attack, and a few tiles later, she was done.

Nashgar fired his special at Delilah, but she just waved her hand at him dismissively. I reloaded and fired the Grimms to finish it, ignoring the reflected damage.

The trainer is going to Natalya. The emblems go to Kageburado and Delilah.


I used Little John, Valen, Namahage, Nashgar and Colen


Replace the antidotes with dragon attacks and you will have easy victory.

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No, keep Val, don’t think Karil can make it, increase your arsenal if you can.

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This team took care of business with no heavy item usage. That was pretty nice!


I took a page out of @KnifeWonder’s book and substituted LJ for Hu Tao to see what happens. My team before:
My team now:

Final result:

I LOVE DOUBLE GRIMM, it was so worth maxing another one for the Trials. I got so many green tiles…as you would expect when you remove your only green hero. I went after Azlar first and Gretel negated his special, however, Elena managed to fire and the counter-attack is what caused most of the damage to my team. Next time, I’ll let Azlar fire and then antidote and save Gretel for Elena. Much better results than last time though where most of my team was…toast (Haha. Get it? Fire heroes).

I save all my 3* trainer heroes for when I get a 5* hero close to max (say, level 75) because I hate grinding those last 5 levels. Maybe others do the same? Zim is at 4-47 so she’ll get it in about 4 months when I finally have her close :sob: I hate mono-color leveling.


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