Joon the killingmachine

I just finished Joon with a costume and 18x talent… wow… what a killingmachine…
The problem het has is the defence…

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@AlvanRhee Could you post his card so we can see his stats, please?! Thanks in advance!

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Yes, and paired with an emblemed Jackal, they can 1-2 anybody.

Here is mine


I do not know how…but see below

This. My Jackal is only +7 or so and Joon costumed at +10. They still kill any hero even at full health with +def. Lethal combo I put into every raid matchup.

nice killer… i hope i get joon soon…

Do you habe a card/ picture of Jackal??

Full attack Jackal+20 for comparison:

My yellow 3 is Jackal, Joon and gazelle. Once Jackal and Gazelle fired, Joon hits for 2000 :joy:

On titan, adding Mist he hits more than than 3000.


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