Joon vs Jackal

So time start levelling another yellow, and I was wondering which one to max first - Jackal to 70 or Joon to 80. I have plenty of orbs, but just 5 darts, but figure I could get the last by the time Joon gets to 3.70.

My current yellow heroes are a maxed Wu and Onatel at 3.70. My other viable yellow option would be Justice, but the rest of my team is light on snipers (Sartana and Caedmon), hence the idea of levelling either Joon or Jackal first.

Else I have Evelyn and Frida at 3.70, Azlar at 4.10 and some maxed 4* healers with benefits (Kiril, Boldtusk, Sabina).

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I would start with Jackal first but you could want to consider your class’ trials teams if you lack monks.


If you have enough orbs to max both, I’d do Jackal first the Joon immediately after. Only because Jackal will max faster

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Personally I’d max Joon first. In my view one of best snipers in the game. He’s great on offense, in defense and on titans. Also considering you lack a yellow allrounder.
Jackal is amazing, but works best in a stack and is also super squishy.
Once you have both maxed, you’ll be able to kill anyone with a one-two punch.

In my honest opinion it would be G. Jackal first followed very quickly by Joon

Competition is tight, because both heroes are really good and eventually you’ll want to do both. Jackal makes every yellow hero good and he’s great himself, Joon’s laser casts blindness and deals a lot of damage.

So you should consider the following for your choice:

We just had Farholme Pass (compass and blade) this last weekend. Each of these 💫 Memento Quests come every 10 days or so. The link I gave you means that Mt. Umber is next, followed by Shrikewood, then Frostmarch, then Farholme again (with gloves and tome), and finally Shiloh Desert.

That’s a worst case of about 50 days, or a month and 20 days of waiting for the final set of darts.

Do you think you can wait that long with Joon sitting at 3/70? Do you think you can max out Jackal and also get Joon to 3/70 before you get there?

Personally, I’m leaning towards Jackal based off the above.

Thanks for the input everyone. Feels to me like Joon is the yellow all-rounder that I really “need” and so that’s who I would want to do if i had all the mats today.

Given I’m missing a dart however, I’m going to quickly assess how long I take to get 4 stars to max or 5s to 3.70. If it proves to be quick enough, I’ll do Jackal quickly first, but if takes me a while, then I’ll start on Joon and hopefully it’s not too long a wait for Shiloh from that point.

Thanks again!

Joon is a 5* Jackal with 5* D and Health stats.

That said, I’d do Jackal first.

I’m facing same issue here - Joon vs Jackal subject to different mats setup. My Joon is currently at 3/50 and growing - I have 6 darts and 4 orbs secured, so I can bring him to final ascension. I just got jackal from portal and I start to wonder…max jackal before joon or make joon my first 5* fully ascended? Remaining yellows are liu and ranvir (both 3/70) so the titan scores are already decent (5/6* titans). Jackal will be really useful on raids and titans, while joon adds also def team presence. Please share with me your thoughts on that matter :slight_smile:

I would usually think jackal first, since you only list 2 other holy heroes and none are maxed.

The only exception in my mind that would change this would be if you were intending to put Joon in your war def (which I assume you would be, based on your other heroes). Then I’d maybe pick Joon. But jackal is so good for titans, for raid and war offense it’s hard to say that even then.

Congrats though, it’s a great dilemma to have :slight_smile:

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Jackal - very usable against purple titans first

Joon next until the next Shiloh

Jackal as he is cheaper to upgrade. That way it buys you time to work up the unfarmable mats for Joon that he will need at tier 4.

Jackal will do more damage to opponent with our yellow teams.

  1. Any def down (exp: Trio Rumming Pulvizener or Wilbur) +
  2. Jackal +
  3. Any yellow hitter (Joon, Poseidon, Drake Fong, Justice, Rana, Ranvir, Guardian Owl, Musashi, and Jackal dup).
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Finish off Joon to 3-70 and then Jackal to max. You’ll get new orbs quick enough.


That quick might last longer than expected :wink:
But I’ll go with jackal - in aw it will be deadly even with joon 3/70

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