Help joon or malosi! Killhare or Clarissa!

I am conflicted about upgrading joon/malosi. And Clarissa/killhare. Malosi and joon are at 3.70

Killhare at 3.70 almost and Clarissa I got a few days back. Lacking trap tools for final upgrade of killhare.

My main heroes I use for raid defense:

My other heroes:

Any help would be appreciated thanks!

Also does guardian jackal negative defense down work with joon special? Or only tiling?

Thanks again!

Joon is a good sniper, work in defense or offense. I will choose Joon.

If you have Jean Francois, killhare is best partner for him. Jean skill can change -def from kilhare into +def for team. Killhare att is the highest, 300% to all enemies, even ursena just 130%/260%, and Quintus just 270% to all enemies.

For Yellow definitely Joon. About your question, yes Elemental def down works. Jackal + Joon OSKs almost any enemy hero. Malosi can come handy later in game.

For purple it’s a little bit more complicated for me to give a “correct” answer since I don’t think you can go wrong, but since you have JF I would go Killhare

Honestly that’s what I was pulling towards I even have 200+ emblems saved up for him. He’s versatile for defense and attack. I have 150 saved for malosi too.

I do pair killhare with JF but only did it for trial to see if he works with her. I think her with tibs will be a killer. I thought Quintus was stronger? Or maybe that was with costume. Was hoping to pull joon costume thinking that would sway me but no luck! Haha

Thanks king! :grin::+1: great response

Awesome but killhare is only for attack rather than defense right?

I was debating because joon works on def and off you guys are confirming my thought process! :+1::grin:

Thanks Keisu

Killhare should be used offensive only right? Or you think it might even work defensively?

Killhare on defense depends on the format your alliance is running. With green tanks JF flank with Killhare wing is a dangerous combination, but not sure with other tank colours. Maybe somebody else has a better insight in

Thanks keisu I was thinking of using my kashrek costume as a tank. Just got him. I have read a lot about pairing a green tank with Vela too.

So hopefully I’ll try that. My only issue is emblems can only go to JF:(

Personally, I prefer snipers to multiple hitters, so I would go with Joon.

Killhare is nonetheless a great option if you like dealing damage to more than one hero at once.

I love snipers :grin::+1:

But Clarissa damage isn’t that great for a fast sniper. Although she has poison, Killhare is instant death for a lot of heroes.

Between Joon and malosi, joon is a harder hitter and more versatile. But malosi special is just really good. Which is why I Was debating. But my guardian jackal and joon would be instant death in offense :grin:

All worth to be maxed, you just need priority right now.

First yellow i would max joon since he is essentials and very versatile. Malosi wait for next darts as his skills also very handy.

Purple clarissa first. If u got mana troops lv.11 u can quickly kill 3 enemies. Killhare also decent and she need to wait for the next tabards.

Update: i didn’t know u have maxed JF. If that so, then killhare will be better choice as they both synergize well

Why would you go with Clarissa over killhare? Killhare is instant death across the board right?

I don’t have fast mana troops at 11 I think currently 9 :thinking: but not the fast mana ones I think.

I updated my answer, please read above. Killhare best paired with your JF

That’s why I was considering her compared to Clarissa. Cause of jf but can’t use her for defense right?

I really like Clarissa too but so conflicted :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Tiburtus + Killhare must be fantastic. Also since you have JF, you get a free defense+ buff, in case there are still ennemies alive.

Killhare also very decent on defense.
Watch my youtube channel, there are a lot video of killhare and clarissa in terms of damage they made.


I have yet to try them together im waiting to build up killhare. And I think they will be amazing. Tibs down and killhare itself will kill the heroes even if I don’t use JF. Problem is I’ll have to use JF first.

In the end u will maxed them both. It’s just who is ur priority right now. U can’t go wrong whoever u choose

That’s so cool bro :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: killhare is a killer!!! Love the video thanks man :grin::+1::+1::+1:

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