Joon or Rana to 3.70?

I have both Joon and Rana holding at 2.60

I have 8 orbs and only 2 darts. So I can take one of them up to 3.70 while we wait for 4 more darts.

I have been using Rana this whole time. And really love that she inhibits healing for the other team.
however, I’d rather just have the other team dead and that’s Joon specialty. So I’m leaning towards Joon. But I am seeking advice on who to spend four orbs on and use in my team until I get darts.
Team currently
Grimm+3 Melandor+5, Boldtusk+3, Seshat 3.70

Both are really good, but I think joon is a better choice.
He is awesome in raids, Titans, wars. High tile damage, high damage on titans, better materials, sooner you will ascend your heroes.

But ascending anyone you won’t regret

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I had both at 3/70, hardly used Joon. Like other snipers, he really needs to be maxed to be effective.

Maxed Rana first because I have Poseiden maxed.
Will be maxing Viv first from 1/1 then decide on maxing Joon.

Idk if you have jackal but I have jackal+18 and another maxed, they don’t require darts and more effective than joon 3/70.

I’d say Joon. It’s nice to have fast attackers. And his ATT is higher so he’s better on titans than Rana.

Both good choices though, you’ll want both at 3.70 so doesn’t matter hugely which one you do first. I’d ascend both. You’ll probably get another 8 orbs while you’re waiting for the 4 darts.

Why not level them both to 3.70? You have 8 orbs. By the time you accumulate 4 more darts, you will have another 4 orbs to take one of the two to 4.80.


You can’t go wrong with Joon.

Thank you all very much for the advice. I too was thinking that I likely will get more orbs before I get four darts. It’s always scary though since they are equally rare and unfarmable. But I may take both to 3.70, and then if I get the darts before the orbs I’ll just kick myself a little bit for the extra time it takes…lol

In round numbers, 3* mats drop three times more frequently than 4* mats. While you wait for 4 darts, you’re likely to get 12 orbs, so you’ve got plenty of scope to take both Rana and joon to 3/70.

I agree with taking Rana first. She’ll be solid at 3/70. Joon is less durable.

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