Who should I give Emblems To, Rana or Joon or Other?

I was originally going the four star route on Emblems heroes. Now that I am having a more difficult time staying in diamond arena I think it is time that I start boosting my five star heroes. So I am debating between boosting Joon or Rana. With Guine as my yellow tank I am looking strictly for Titans and offensive uses only. Here are my limited Monk heroes.

Joon, of course. Btw, you did some mistakes. The worst one is wasting 110 emblems on the last 2 nodes of Wilbur. Another one, but not so bad, is embleming Wu. At least you can take off all his emblems and give them to Joon. But the 110 emblems are already wasted. The only way to repair what you’ve done, is to take them off, waste 2-3 days of resources and bringing Wilbur to +18, where should have been stopped. Only few epic heroes worth +20 in this game. Most of them should be stopped at 17-18. Rogues at +19. But the best thing is always to ask experienced players, than waste hundreds of emblems. Emblems which can be used on other hero, instead to rot for nothing on the last 2 nodes, which practically don’t change anything to a hero or very little…

P.S. In case you wonder why is so wrong what you have done… The atk node from right is useless; as the left one. 40 emblems for a :poop: And another 70 emblems for absolutely nothing. In tournaments and event challenges you cannot use the mana troops, that percentage to mean anything at all. You can use mana troops on Wilbur in wars. But 70 emblems for a tile only in wars? Another huge :poop:


Either or if it’s just for Wars/ titans/ offence

It’s really going to come down to who you use most.

Joon is a better choice than Rana in a vacuum. If you run purple tanks for war then there can be an argument made that Rana is a better flank than Joon and that he belongs on the wing, in which case you might want to buff her up. Likewise, if you run yellow tanks, she is a better fit in the middle than Joon. Otherwise, Joon is certainly a better candidate.

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