Norns, Joon or Rana

Hello everyone,

I need help from experienced players.
I wonder who to put in my first team.

Norns Iam using now in raids. But in defence they are weak. Joon is good for titans,
Today I got Rana.

Who is the best to use for all

If Norns has emblems and the others don’t I’d have a hard time passing her up even though she’s not super great.
If I could have one of them I’d want Joon though.
Emblems matter.

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I have a maxxed Joon and Norns to choose from and I normally go with Norns for her better stats across-the-board and decent hit-3 damage.

Her realm bonus is also a real annoyance with the mana cut when she dies.

Yes, her effect has no impact on defence, which is annoying, but she’s not ineffective.


Ok but what about Rana is she better or not?
For mixed team not mono attack and defence.

If Joon is costume and Rana costume maxed, Norns maxed who then?

Joon is a great sniper but I’m finding Rana very useful. She’s at 4/44 right now and holding her own on titan hits and raids. I would say give her a try to 3/70. If it doesn’t work for you switch to Joon

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Thanks Guys.
If anyone else has advice please write.