To ascend Joon or wait till April HOTM (Malosi)?

Ok guys. From the pic I’ve inserted . Just getting thoughts on should I wait to see if I get ( i do believe ) april is a holy hotm . Or just take joon all the way. He is the only 5* holy I have left to ascend. With ranvir ,& rana already maxed. Don’t think I’ll use him in my defense team…

Are you a spender?

If yes, wait

If no, ascend and level what you got :slight_smile:


Then wait Is what you are saying.:joy:

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I would say - depends. I run the def where Rana is present (with some emblems even), but when I attack i use Rana / Joon constantly…on my second account I have jackal / joon combo that evaporizes opposing heroes smoothly :slight_smile:
Of course there are other yellows who can easily overcome joon, but he is really solid guy :slight_smile:

I don’t think you can go wrong with joon… even if you do get april’s Hotm. :woman_shrugging:


Joon, Joon and again Joon! He is one of if not the best Yellow hitter. Raise him, give him emblems. He is awesome!


yeah, if you dont have a poseidon, you definitely want a joon on your roster.

Joon was my first fully ascended yellow and use him to this day with no regrets. Gets the job done.

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I would advise holding your darts and waiting for Malosi. :wink:

Thanks guys. Just as conflicted as ever. It’s just not a matter of ascending him. Just when. If only I had more darts:)

If you are a spender, ascend Joon, you really can go wrong with this Holy sniper. Then if you do get April’s HotM you have something new to work on.
Regardless Joon is still one of the top Holy snipers and won’t hurt your team having him maxed

P.S If you’re not a spender also ascend Joon :wink:
Just DO IT!! He’s one of those “really nothing to think about just ascend” hero’s IMO


If you’re running with Ranvir, Rana, and Malosi, it’s going to take all 3 of their specials to (hopefully?) kill one target. I wouldn’t be too happy about that personally, I think a hard hitting sniper is the foundation of a raid team.

This is why I come here . Thks guys. I will take him all the way. The vote is in

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+1 Joon, except if you already have Poseidon.

How can you say the vote is in…

…What if I had a different opinion…

…what if they change Malosi again before his release?

…Thousands of voices (in my head) are telling me that this entire poll/thread was rigged to always end up with you leveling Joon all the way.


If it’s any consolation. I haven’t done it yet🤣. And The thought of nerf or final is in my thiyghts

Joon is the strongest yellow sniper, I would just ascend him :stuck_out_tongue:

Even after a ton of good yellow heroes have been released, Joon is still one of the best ones. I wouldn’t feel bad at all to spend those last darts on him.

Always a day late and dollar short with you @voidstrike geez…


I gotta do what I gotta do…and that gotta do is stock up on village idiot stock so it can outweigh any meaningful posts I make at a given time.

Laughter is the best medicine I can provide…


On topic: yes ascend Joon.

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Go with Joon. After all the iterations and teasing, I’m sure Malosi will be released as a very slow hero that does nothing but cheers the others. A Joon in the hand is better than two Malosis in the summoning portals.

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