HELP needed for which to ascend(RED and YELLOW with a side of PURPLE...LOL)

I had been running 3x TC20 for about a month, getting 5 5* in about 100 attempts. It gave me Vivica, Elena, Khagan, Domitia and Obakan. I also have Joon from a summon earlier so he is at 3.70 waiting for 1 more dart (I think Vivica is fine at 3.70 over Joon at 3.70 though I am open to arguments for maxing Viv too…)

I am leaning towards Khagan over Elena despite them both being slow, Khangan is better with his defense and HP. I know she has great attack stats but Elena has weak defense. So would you max Khagan over Elena? I only have rings for 1.

I decided to max Domitia over Obakan so I used the tabbards I had for her and she sits at 4.67 after about a week of leveling mostly her up from 3.55. Seeing how resource intensive the 5* are vs. 3 and 4s I don’t want to make a mistake given the rarity of 4* mats and the resources needed to max them.

I am mainly concerned with defense but I of course I will use them in wars, titans, raids, etc. I will list my other heros below by color so you can see what else I am working with. I do have a decent stable of 4s and plenty of emblems once these 5s get maxed (and I will remove ones from the 4s to put on 5s as needed). I am also now F2P for about a month now after being C2P for a while mainly buying VIP and small gem specials.

Khagan vs. Elena…
Joon vs. Vivica
Domitia I gave tabbards to over Obakan.
I am hoping to pull better reds like Marjana, plus a blue and green (hopefully Magni and Lianna though I would take Elkanen over the rest of the originals too. Unless I get a lucky pull from EHT I am kinda stuck with the originals now at F2P though I may go back).
Current 4* (4+x is a max hero plus emblems)
Green - Melendor 4+11, Gaderius
Blue - Kiril 4+7, Triton 4+7, Grimm 4+7
Red - Scarlett 4+7(Domitia will get emblems when she hits 4.80), Kelile, Boldtusk, Gormek
Purple - Tiburtus, Sabina, Amoenna(left at 2.xx)
Yellow - Wu kong, Li Xiu,

Unleveled I also have Colen, Hu Tao, Chao, Danzaburo plus dupes of most of the 4s.

Any input is appreciated for the 5s please. I have the last darts coming from Shiloh in a few weeks at worst. So please leave feedback for Joon vs. Vivica as well. I am leaning toward Joon but am open to suggestions. Given my healers for 4s (Mel, Sabina, Kiril, BT) I am still missing Rigard but I am covered for removing buffs and ailments.

Thank you in advance.

You’re set up is kind of tricky. Out of your 5* who do you want as a tank? Vivica or Khagan seem like the best suited out of what you got.

Elena is a titan hitter mainly and for those tough hard mode bosses in Atlantis that hit all your heroes she’s also useful. On defense she can be a good flank, definitely not a tank though. If that’s what you’re looking for, it’s Khaghan.

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