Joon, Onatel or Poseidon

I have the darts for just one to ascend.

Needed for offence only (Drake is my yellow defender)

Mono yellow team will be: Jackal+20; Delilah; Inari; Drake+6; one of the above

Who gets that slot and why?

Joon has been holding it down at 3/70 for a long time; but now both Onatel and Poseidon are also nearing 3/70 and I’ve finally got the mats.

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I’d say one of the two single target snipers. I’d say maybe Poseidon to stop those mana cutters and mana blockers, like Hel and Proteus etc.

But Joon is very good too; it’s just that you already have a three blind in Drake so a single blind might be a bit redundant

Team seems to need a big hitter, so I will go Poseidon

Onatel will offer the best variety of specials, since Jack and Drake already hit. There’s no mana controller on your team right now. Poseidon provides almost the same ability as Inari and Joon will be redundant to Drake.

Poseidon is a better version of joon.

It has to be Onatel … she will make you a great tank :slight_smile:

All three are great yellow’s. Can’t go wrong with any of them. It just come down need or play style but I would go with Poseidon or Onatel

On defence, for sure. Which I don’t need

Poseidon all the way, even though hes yellow he’s basically guin’s worst nightmare since he fast vs hel’s average speed.

Yess. Poseidon all the way. Onatel second.

Thanks all. Looks like the King of the Sea will get my last Damascus blade

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I have Joon and Onatel … but surely you should climb Poseidon in my humble opinion … since you think of attack … but if you accept a suggestion … who knows wait until the end of the month for the hotm … it seems the correct one … I hope I have helped …

I’m not interested in Rav that much - I have Tarlak for titans.

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■■■■, how I would love to have Tarlak ! hehe
Hope he shows this month, fingers crossed.
But yeh Halifax, I would go all the way on Posi for sure, especially for that family bonus if you get other Atlantis family heros (if you haven’t already) and for the future.

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All said, Poseidon is best for the roster. for single strike. and helps with mana block. i said it is an upgrade of joon in certain aspect. Plus she have a better defense than joon. Onatel can do both attack and defense if you set a good tank and use her a flank
Onatel and Joon both are good depends on how you use them. i like using 2 sniper if both are activate and attack at the same time.


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