Joon / Onatel / Poseidon?

I have a mono yellow squad right now that is Jackal+14; Delilah 4/75; Drake+5; Joon 3/70; Inari 4/80.

Need/want to improve my Mono team and have Joon (as listed above); Onatel at 3/58 and Poseidon at 1/1, as well as option for a second Drake that’s at 1/48.

I’m a set of darts and a Damascus Blade away from finishing one off - but who makes the most sense?

I don’t think any would displace Drake from my current Defence so it’s for war mostly that I need it.

Thoughts? Reasons?

I just wanna chip in and say: wowzah. That’s a heck of a team!

I’m curious what becomes the consensus.

If it’s only for attack, I would go with massive damage, so probably either Joon or Poseidon .

Interestingly having a second drake might also be good and a little more flexible, as they would both go at once - you could either blind the whole team or concentrate on one side and do bunch of damage. But I’m also a big fan of having different heroes ascended, so I probably wouldn’t do that

Given you already have drake for blinding I’d go Poseidon

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