Khagan over Jean-François for events / offence play style?

I can’t see any use for JF apart from the +10 crit. DoT too low & no direct damage.

I’ve been toying for a long time to max Khagan. Hits 3 equal damage, +24 mana & +63 def to all for 5 turns (longer than Ariel). He also does the most direct damage out of all the red heroes by some margin.

Maxed: Mitsuko, QoH, Marjana, Zim, Natalya, L20 Wilbur & Falcon - 8 Rings
Also have multiple Azlar, Elena & Marjana untouched
Mana troops: L23, L17, 3 x L1. When he gets a costume a L5 troop will be enough and for PVE you could always mana pot him if you see the board is a go

Side note: JF vs Zim and other uses. Imho Zim wins hands down on offence because JF needs to fire before the enemy to work which could be tricky to time whereas Zim can hold back to clean, does direct damage and heals.

Where will JF excel over Khagan, AW & Raids perhaps?
Honestly JF is a massive let down after his nerf from beta, I just can’t seem to find a spot for him where he will wow me.
Is there something I miss or didn’t consider?

Why Khagan? You said you have multiple Azlars. The lion is brutal on offense. Emblemed and boosted by BT and Willbur, he’s a team killer. He won’t get cleansed on offenese, I know first hand.

JF is nearly useless after the nerf with your heroes (very similar line up to mine btw!) but Khagan is plain terrible. Slow heroes just have no use in this game, and even the recent adds such as Lady of the Lake prove this. While JF is a let down, Khagan is a joke. Fast 5 stars tournaments are obviously where he will exceed, question is whether you are that niche oriented.

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Mother North raises an eyebrow, shakes her head slowly, stirs her porridge and shoots a sly wink toward Alby, who can barely stifle a chuckle while contemplating the corpses of the three recently deceased ‘fast’ allies that surround them…


Agree Azlar in Raid / AW kills it but in events Khagan hits for much more and the +24 mana boost is extremely attractive. Pity we can’t test drive heroes in a simulation to help us decide.


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Oh yeah, that’s one exception where the mana slowness actually synergize with a hero. But even for Owl that same thing doesn’t work. And Khagan has no “come back” perks at all, he fires when the match is already won or lost so he might as well not exist at all.

I have Lady of the Lake, Kunchen, and Vivica maxed. I find all of them very useful at slow speed.

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My Santa tank might also want to take you out behind the workshop and while Kunch and Viv hold you down, teach you a bit of respect for your slow elders


Agree to an extend for offence in Raids & AW. My alt has Elena with L17 troop and she fires a lot. I love her.
Anyhoo, my primary goal is for events and there one can kick start him with a mana pot if you see a good board unfolding to improve high score

Can we all at least agree at this point that JF is terrible :rofl:

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Ok, ok, you are right, there are couple slow heroes that are still good in this game, especially the tanks you mentioned.

But Khagan with his special should be on average to keep relevant in current environment.

For niche use such as events or tournaments, I can’t really help. Question is always do you have plans to have any other hero that would deserve those rings more.

What we should keep in mind is that he will get a costume at some point and I can tell you this as a Costumed Viv owner, that +5% mana boost changes how you plan & use troops. You can even make them average mana with a L23 troop

As the door opens and an icy blast of air slaps your face and causes your coconuts to seek internal solitude, the booming voice of Miki can be heard echoing through the forums, “what’s this about slow heroes having no place in the game?!”

You nearly bash your head on a protruding shelf as you’re forced to dive out of the way as he hoists the bloody head of a giant tiger on the table…


Yeah, I contemplated maxing Isarnia when I got her costume. I wonder what Khagan will end up having.

Out of all the classics though, I want to see what they do with Wu Kong the most in regards to costumes.

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20 x 20 hell yesses lol
Don’t care who says what, Wu misses around 80%. using him on my alt right now to try complete S2 for the mats, forget the SS misses, he often misses with all the tiles two moves in a row leaving you without tiles that you need that will do damage

Yeah, tell me about how useful Miki is when he’s not getting mana pots, even in the titan fights where’s the only place he really belongs to (ok I know few use him on events and hard bosses also, but that’s with mana pots as well).

I would tell you about his usefulness in rush tournaments, but he’s sworn me to silence…


Fantastic. Problem is, in rush tournaments he is not “slow” anymore.

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With +24 mana boost him & Ariel in rushed RT will be a nightmare even on defence and extremely useful on offence. .that said, I wouldn’t consider giving mats to any hero based on a tourni that occurs once in a blue moon though. Events happen once a month and that is my primary focus.
Apart from not having Gravemaker the rest of my red team ain’t too bad for AW.

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That doesn’t help support your premise. He’s another slow hero We all know to be useful.

There is a sort of ‘accepted wisdom’ in the forums that slow heroes aren’t useful anymore - just like you expressed.

And that’s become a rule of thumb. And it’s about as accurate as other rules of thumb we all know… ‘i before e, except after c’… which as we all know is true, except when your foreign neighbor keith receives eight counterfeit beige sleighs from feisty caffeinated weightlifters.

So don’t be weird - slow heroes still have a lot of rolls

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