A little advice on max leveling my first 5* Hero (Red)

Thanks to the recent Mount Umber quest I now have enough rings to promote a five star Red to the final ascension. I currently have Elena, Khagan and Jean Francois to choose from. This will be my very first fully ascended 5 star. Any help choosing would be appreciated.

I don’t envy your choice. both Khagan and Elena are slow which as this game is evolving are becoming almost worthless as fighter pilot say speed is the name of the game. Elena has a costume and she is a mean reposite which IMO gives her a leg up over Khagan(could work @3-70 in the flank). So is Elena better than JF. Ive fought both of them elena frustrates me more that JF and Im at 2600 cups.

If you are looking for a tank it would be Elena since the board may allow her special to go off and then you have a chance of winning. If you are looking for a flank then JF. he has more versitility.

To be honest you would be far better showing what your roster is like in order to get an informed decision.
And not sure if you pull in events or wait for heroes from TC20 etc.
For tank your best bet would be Elena
For flank it’s Jean-Francois
Not sure if you need a support hero like Khagan
Other than that I would probably wait until something different pops out of TC20
Whichever hero you choose- good luck

You should not ascend any of those 3, if you only have 6 rings. From 6 rings to 12 rings there could be better red heroes in your future.

If you cant afford to wait for a better 5* or until you get to 11/12rings. Then your options are between JF and Elena. JF can shine in defense if heavily, otherwise is a cute hero to have but not the main focus of worry from the enemy. Elena is an all-in tank, which translates to most of the time she will activate her super only when opponent has terrible boards or she got a lucky resurrect with full mana.

I like JF if you afford to emblem him. His main problem is the competition he has for Wizard emblems, otherwise he can be used as a tank, transition to a flanker and be used with effect on offense by countering a decent amount of diamond used heroes.
Whereas Elena w/o costume is just a tank, on offense she most likely contribute with tile dmg. And with a costume, che gets to be decent but still just a tank. JF can give you much more flexibility on your defense/offense choices.

This is the stable of 5 stars I have collected so far. I try to do a 10 pull for each event, Atlantis, and Valhalla.

Ok. My first advice would be to treat this game more of a marathon race rather than a 100 meter sprint.
It takes time and patience.
Start building your roster from the bottom up.
So max out 3 x 3 star rainbow teams and then move to 4 x 4 star rainbow teams before you start levelling your 5 star.
The three and four star heroes will allow you to build the 5 star teams you obviously want now. But you just need to be patient.
When you have got the mats needed your roster may have changed.
But just based on what you have now I would max Telluria, Malosi, Freya and Jean-Francois as a priority over other.
I would put a hold on Khagan, Quintus, Horghall and Justice … slow heroes are fairly redundant right now
Whatever you choose to do in your roster good luck

Treat it as a marathon indeed…

Firstly, all this talk of defence or meeting them in defences is completely irrelevant.

Firstly because defence is a very low priority - defence doesn’t win you anything… It just keeps you in proximity to open chests, nothing more.

Secondly because some hero’s really excel on defence and others don’t - this tells you very little about their all-round potential…
Elena, for example, is a case in point. She’s a glass cannon - a terrible defender in any position, especially tank, because her defence stat is very low and at slow mana she just doesn’t fire often enough to swing the percentages in defences favour.

Honestly, slow hero’s require tactics - you need a way to prolong fights otherwise you’ll need an excellent board to get them to fire.

JF really thrives in a deeper red stack… He’s a useful attacker, but moreso when you get more reds to match him up with - longer term, he becomes more useful rather than less.
Elena will always find a way onto your titan teams because her attack stat (tile damage) is so high.

I’d do JF, myself, especially if you like running 3-2, 4-1 or mono on attack… That +crit is handy, his debuff flipper comes in handy and his DoT is high.

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