JF Clarissa or Vivica as tank

Hi, I have only 5 maxed 5*heroes:
Costumed Lianna, Alice, Vivica, JF and Clarissa, and I am not sure which to use as tank.
JF with defense against ice and protection from Def down and fast speed?
Clarissa with very fast speed, paladin class defense against specials and extra dmg against holy?
Or Vivica with her heals Def up an cleanse in spite of her slow?
I am using Lianna with maxed costume in normal version but I have seen the Costumed version is used often, is it worth?
All help and advice will be gladly welcome

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Clarissa, if only you can place all your emblems on her. Flank her with Viv and Jean-Francois

I’d do :
Alice - Vivica - Clarissa - JF - Costume Lianna

But lately I’ve seen many very hard-hitters as tanks. They can kill one of your heroes very quickly if you have a bad starting board and that can break synergies from the start.

But I prefer to keep my snipers alive protected in the back. And I hate fast DoT tanks like what Vela does sometimes.

Plus Vivica’s heal is not that useful when she’s the only one being charged with tiles at the beginning of the raid.

Is Vivica costumed? If yes, she is a very good tank.
Then I will go

If not, I will go with @Conjurer’s suggestion.

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Thx Ultra, Conjurer and Rilian for your help.
As I don’t have costume 4 Vivica, my defense will go as Conjurer says. Still not sure if mana reduction from Costumed Lianna is better than chance 2 bypass defense from normal Lianna. Going 2 try both but if I don’t see a clear difference I shall trust your experience and go 4 Costumed.
I just got Joon from Tc20, once I max him is it feasible to replace Vivica or going with no heals is suicidal?

I think they would all make relatively decent tanks.

However if I had to choose I would probably choose this lineup

Lianna - Vivica - Clarissa (tank) - JF - Alice

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