What would be the most effective defense team from these heroes?

Now my defense team from left to right:
Vivica, Thorne, Marjana, Lianna, Joon
Almost fully emblemed, team power over 4500.

I’ve got few new heroes, so I would like to rearrange my defense team.
I have ~1500 emblems for each class, so I can talent 1 hero fully.

So the list of my heroes (the potential candidates):

Clarissa, Onyx (just got)
Vivica, Norns, Joon, Mica (just got), Neith(3-70)
Crystalis, Thorne, Richard(not ascended yet), Isarnia(not ascended yet)
Lianna(with cotume)
Marjana, Reuben, Jean-Francois(not ascended yet)

So what would be the best defense team from these?

I thought of the followings:

1: Vivica Marjana Clarissa Crytalis Lianna (Soon I could change for this)

  1. Vivics Jean-Fran. Mica Crystalis Clarissa (fresh thought)

  2. Any other option

What would you do?

First of all: dont put a healer on the left wing. And dont put slow heroes (except some very few) on the side. Vivica is completely wrong on left wing.

Pvp is a damage race, and people with heavy attack teams will come for you.

So maybe something like:

Joon Jeanfrancoise Crytallis clarissa liannaC

A very fast team, crystallis does a nasty damage on all.
Jean and clarissa force your enemy to use cleaner and they do quite heavy damage spread through the enemies team.
Joon and lianna might be able to take one out every time they fire.



I have had great success with Clarissa at tank in the past. Even if an opponent sidesteps to stack against JF or Crystalis, Clarissa is the right class to soak a TON of damage before dying.

Since JF isn’t ready yet, I’d run Marjana until he is completed. And that would call for swapping positions for Crystalis and Marjana. Maybe.


Thanks for answers!

Yeah, I thought that 3 DOT dealer what stacks will be heavy together.

So its not so important to be a healer in defense team in good pos. (left flank)? I thought one healer in team is better, and can change the game.

In future, when I ascend Mica, I thought he would be a massive tank. What do you think about Mica?

I’ve found him to be quite effective at 3/70 and as an offensive only hero. Give me the lightning fast charge and the ability to control it.

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I have Mica at 8-ish nodes, and he’s definitely better on offense than defense, but I believe there’s a lineup out there where he can shine on a defense team. I think that’s especially true if defensive formations get reintroduced as a standard game feature.

Even a single-charge casting of his special can save critically injured teammates just long enough to drop their specials. I can’t brag on him enough.

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