Jean-Francois or Gravemaker

I have enough rings to full ascend one Red. Do I do JF or GM? I know GM is faster but only hits 3. JF slower but hits 5 and the anti defense week buff is very helpful. Like to get the thoughts of those that use them. My Current reds I use are Boldtusk or Gormek (both maxed). I think Fully ascending GM or JF would make them my go to.

GM hands down.

The second most dominate hero in the game.


Is it strictly the very fast over the fast mana speed?


Not just that but the damage combined with the DoT and the extra damage against grass that makes GM more desirable. The Mana speed is just icing on the cake.

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GM, everytime. It’s not that J-F is bad, it’s just GM is great in any game mode, I mean outside of very fast 5* tournament, but even here he’s still usable.

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GM Is VF, JF is Fast.

Also JF more a support hero, but GM is better all-round. I will ascend JF, but If I was lucky last Atlantis, I will be ascend GM.

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It’s the damage that counts and he does extra damage vs green plus he has a bleed effect with barbarian class whereas the wizard class with JF doesn’t offer anything to his special.

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Gravemaker 5 times over.


I have Grazul, JF, Marjana and Mitsuko sitting at 370 and I’ve been flanking Telluria with PIB and flipping in C Kestral. I have KG coming through the ranks fairly soon and was wondering who I should ascend here???

I love PIB but he isnt the ideal flank right now and am not really thrilled with what Ive seen with Kestral.

What I’ve seen with JF doesnt really impress me that much, Grazul is a great offensive tank, Mitsuko would probably work best for the defense and other situation, and Marjana is a great snipe but kinda of a glass cannon is what I’m seeing. Decisions decisions

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After pulling GM last Atlantis, I replaced maxed JF with maxed GM in my red stack (Zim - Marjana - Mitsuko - Ariel/C.Boldtusk).

My vote is for GM, and he’s better than JF by a mile. Seen that coming, but life confirmed it.

JF is still good as an off color support for some war teams, but that’s about it. Plus GM has less competitors for emblems (only Kage and Black Knight are worth considering, though I’d still give them to GM in most cases).

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Congratulations on drawing Gravemaker! Yeah, everyone’s already given you their glowing reports on how awesome he is. Want some more? Go to the Raids leaderboard. Go down the list and check the top 100 players one by one. You’ll see that even now, in May 2020, about 90% or more of them are using Gravemaker. He’s that good. Extremely easily one of the most powerful 5* ever created. Take him. Odds are extremely high that you will never hold a more precious gem. Congratulations. You have won summoning for May and all of 2020. That’s how good he is. :slight_smile:


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