Which Legendary red to level first?

My first 5* team will include C-Domitia, C-Vivica, Skadi, and C-Kadilen. I’m still working on all of them. I have Baldur, GM, and JF waiting at 3-70 if I ever get the rings. It seems I’ll only get to level one in my lifetime. So which one?

Gravemaker is the obvious choice. Any reason you are not wanting to level him?

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Gravemaker always. I’d go C-Viv, GM, C-Kadilen, Skadi, then C-Domitia.

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No reason. I like to hear what others think. I do like using Baldur. And JF was my first.

For easier decision, feed baldur and JF to GM


Yeah, no mystery here. GM all the way.

I like using JF too but hes kind of Niche compared to GM.
I would trade my maxed and emblemed JF for a dupe 1/1 gravemaker.

And that doesnt mean JF is bad. Its simply that GM is a better hero.

Only place JF would be better is in the niche situation that you want to counter ice heroes with his ice def up or you want to flip the def down. Otherwise for everything else GM excels.

And i dont have any experience using Baldur but it seems like he is not at GM lvl and neither i would max him over JF. But thats just me :man_shrugging:


In my honest opinion Gravemaker before Jean Francois.
But I do prefer variety so JF before a duplicate GM.
Both are good heroes
Whichever hero you choose good luck

Gravemaker here too. I have JF and he’s good in certain circumstances but GM is all around more versatile. Don’t have him though.

Well, I now have GM+15 after stripping most other barbarians. I have a new set of rings ready. The question is the same. 2nd GM, currently 2-1, 3-70 JF, or 3-70 Baldur? Reuben and Anzogh are at 1-1.

Gravemaker, hands down, he is still the best red hero in the game.

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Depending on your line up.

Baldur is interesting.

GM would always be a solid choice.

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But he’s not the ^only^ good hero in the game. I believe in variety m’self. All those others mentioned have their advantages and unique usages.

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