Replace GM with JF? Just thinking out loud

So at the moment, we don’t really know what (if any) changes to the meta is about to take place, so this is all just purely hypothetical. Assuming that things shift away from green tanks, that means that more blue heroes are going to be used on offense going forward. Considering the prevalence of defense down blue heroes (Finley, C. Magni, Athena, Frida, Isarnia, Rumpelstiltskin***), would JF’s buff be more beneficial even though he’s doing less damage at a slower speed than GM?

JF will benefit from more blues being played, especially the defdown heroes. But unless Gravemaker gets also crippled 3 times, he will always be better than JF!

Gravemaker is good all the time. JF is specialized. I love using him against defense down heroes like Kunchen…you get the whole team a big D boost. That being said, on defense he’s not amazing. In fact, my Grazul loves seeing him there…basically makes his charge move worthless.

GM is more likely to help your defense kill something because his damage is higher since he hits + burns. He also hurts a nature stack for more damage than JF does, so it makes it tough for the opponent to try and stack that color.

The advantage JF has is he burns everyone, whereas GM may sometimes only burn 2 instead of 3 because the AI can be dumb like that. Another advantage for JF is his defense flip buff – against a very sturdy wall Telluria, protecting her from defense drops forces the attacker to bring a dispeller or find another way to break past her without defense drops (which isn’t easy).

I think both have advantages on defense themselves, JF is a mix of offense and support, while GM is all bite.

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I appreciate the responses, and truth be told, I doubt I would consider moving GM out of my defense if only because I’m not inclined to strip Alfrike, Proteus, and Kiril’s emblems to give to JF. But what got me thinking about this is that aside from his month of release, the entire time JF has been in the game, it has been dominated by green tanks…So both his ice defense and defense flip buffs have been more or less irrelevant. I wonder if he would close the gap between he and GM if ice heroes saw a noticeable return to offense?

I think that is a great thought and have considered maxing JF also. I like using him on offense when I can time his special, that defense flip is fantastic. Fighting him when he is on D I feel like I can work around him.

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