Jean francois or Azlar

Hello everyone ! As i got my last mystic ring i can max now a legendary red . I did a X10 pull in the red summon and got Azlar.
My other options are Khagan and Jean francois .

Azlar who does more damage and is slow vs Jean francois who is fast speed but has nule or very slow damage

I think that Khagan is out of competition. But who knows

What do you have maxed already?

JF is good but niche… Azlar is okay, but there’s better AoE in red.

In isolation, Jean Francois is the best of those choices. However, it also depends on who else you got. Azlar will get a buff with his new costume, but even costumed JF looks better. But, you might prefer the initial damage the costumed Azlar provides.

It is my first red .
In other colors i have Obakan, Richard, neith, horghall.
And TC 20 4 star chars

With reading this, I’d say JF for sure. With that rainbow need you really need some speed.

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