Jahangir and Delay

Based on the text for the Delay talent, the chance to proc is whenever the sorcerer deals damage. So let’s say I hit the other team with his Fireball skill. Does the DOT component also have a chance to proc the Delay talent’s effect?

I guess a more general way of asking this question would be to consider some of the other sorcerers with a DOT component to their special skills (e.g. Lady Locke, Rumpelstiltskin, Morgan Le Fay). I assume the behavior would be consistent across heroes, and I imagine the 5*s may have more play time with talents than a 3*.

I have never seen the delay go off with DoT. I have only seen it go off with normal slashes (when facing him on a defense team), tile damage, and direct damage from a special.

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Yeah, and i’m also not sure it can trigger on multiple targets at the same time (Aie attacks).

I mean, i don’t know if there’s a better chance to trigger at least one, or indeed can affect more then one.

Never happen to me, or i simply never notice.

@Elpis I see it go off after normal attacks. Same with jinx. From what I have seen with the abilities, the offensive ones trigger after normal attacks, where as defensive ones like manashield and withstand triggers on specials. Delay going by this logic would seem to be in the offensive category unless someone can correct me if I am rambling.

It’s only normal attacks that trigger delay. That includes minion slash attacks (despite a dev claiming that they don’t, they do).

That’s why I’m confused. Wound specifically states “normal attack.” Jinx specifically states, “both normal attacks and Special Skills.” Pierce generically states, “when attacking.” Delay generically states, “after dealing damage.”

I have definitely seen Triton pierce a counterattack with his special, so the generic “when attacking” for Pierce includes specials.

As @DaveCozy points out (see here) minions can proc Delay, as well, even though their effect only lasts for one turn, instead of two, and yeah, Petri’s response to that isn’t encouraging, but now I’m rambling… So if minions can proc it, it seemed within the realm of possibility that a DOT could, too.

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yeah usually the skill is specific to what triggers the skill. iirc the Delay talent used to say that it was “normal damage” that triggered it, but it got changed sometime back to just “damage.” No idea why :stuck_out_tongue:

Pierce definitely works with special skills too. I had Alasie’s spirit arrow pierce through my Mitsuko’s mirror of flames once during a raid and lost, I felt like it was total bull :hankey: lol. So that’s why I know special skills can trigger pierce on rangers, that moment was burned into my mind

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I saw that too, while I was researching (I’m newer to the game - I can’t remember a time without emblems). I was wondering why the wording was changed (and if anything in the code changed to reflect that). Maybe it was changed to avoid changing the minion code :smiley:

For me, it was a good memory. I don’t know if that should make it more memorable or less :slight_smile:


So can anyone clarify when delay triggers and not?

My understanding so far:

  1. Slash attack - Yes
  2. Tile Attack - Yes
  3. Dot - No
  4. Special that dont affect enemy (C.Kesh) - No
  5. Special that affects enemy but no damage (C.Viv) - No
  6. Special that affects enemy but no initial damage (Natalya) - No
  7. Special that affects enemy and does initial damage (Thoth-Amun) - ???
  8. Minion slashes - Yes but 1 turn ?

Thank you.

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