Sorcerer talent – when does first turn of Delay Talent start?

Hi all, first of all i dont know if this is correct or an error, but i was wondering about the sorcerer talent.
It say that when you deal damage you have the %chance (based on the level) to reduce 50% mana generation for 2 turns. Ok my question is; Is it correct that the first turn work only during opponent turn? I meant, the enemy(s) get the debuff at the end of your turn, so the first turn of the debuff apply only during that opponent turn and it slow only the mana took over time and the abilities that give mana + the other turn (cause are 2 in total). so i was thinking why it lasts only for 2 turns if the 1st turn is almost wasted? Should’not be that the 2 turns start at the end of the opponent turn when you have dealt damage so it last for 2 full turns and not for 1 and a half.
I hope that i didnt do that many mistakes here and hope that what i meant can be understood.


Yes you are correct for defense teams.

It starts at the end of the sorcerer’s turn.

Delay on a defense team hero means 2 turns of trickle mana and one turn of attacking tiles/ matching.

Delay on titan like enemies, they do not get trickle mana so it only lasts one turn of attacking tiles/ matching.

Delay on attacking teams means 2 turns of tiles/ matching since they only get mana from tiles/ matching.

Like many talents, it is not very powerful.

The real benefit of Sorcerers are the stat nodes.


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