Does the wizard class ability affect Proteus's special?

Question is just that. Does the class ability apply to specials with set damage, or only those that are multipliers of the attack stat?

I don’t have read anything about this yet but I think that the extra damage would applies even to DoT, like for Gravemaker and Natalya’s special on nature heroes.

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Does anyone know if this is accurate?

I think @Gryphonknight answered this for us:

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No damage bonus on DoT is sad but I guess that it could be changed in the future :man_shrugging:

I guess it’d be sort of odd if Jinx increased DoT, since it would basically mean you had a moderate chance of casting the DoT with a higher damage amount…but then would you get that higher amount for all of the turns? Only the first turn?

Given DoT bypasses defense, allowing it to buff is also fairly consequential. I think that’s likely why it only considers base stats and troop bonuses, and not variable attack buffs.


I think that the main unability to let it work on DoTs is due to Victor’s case, as the only hero that would increase his DoT intensity by refreshing it and the most reasonable course would be to increase the max DoT damage and then divide it for the turn’s duration.

I mean, it’s not like it would be too strong with a low chance proc tied to enemy’s buffs.

Enjoy!! :wink:

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