Delay Talent Question

It says on the talent that there is X% chance of causing the -50% mana generated whenever normal damage is dealt, calculated at the end of the turn. Assuming you spread 3 tiles across 3 enemy heroes.

Does this mean each hero has a X% chance to get hit by it separately or together?
or Does it max out at one hero affected per turn?

When I initially thought about this talent say compared to the barbarian one I thought that the defence AI would get the short end of the stick with decay because they only get to hit once every so many turns for a static effect while the barbarian one stacks the amount of damage so it would be the same damage boost regardless. But because the delay talent is a static effect is suggests to me that I should apply a wide tile attack to affect as many enemies as possible, something the defence AI can’t do. Thoughts?

(Image of the effect for clarity)

That should be per enemy damaged, determined separately for each of them. Note, however, that there’s only one roll per damaged enemy, regardless of how many times you hit them with tiles.


Thanks for the response. So I guess this gives Sorcerer’s an interesting tactic or small advantage to firing off wide tile attacks instead of vertical tile attacks. Though the chance is still low, it may be worth it at 15% to try it.

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You’re welcome. The biggest use case I see for altering tile play is events and seasonals, where three tiles in a column do a relatively small percentage of the enemy’s health in damage. If you’re not going to get close to a kill with tiles, damage + debuff can be very useful.

Situationally in raids, it might be worth sacrificing single target damage for a shot at a delay proc on multiple heroes. But foregoing single target damage for a chance at a mana slow is a tough sell.

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