Jade + Garnet Synergy x ascencion decisions

Dear fellow players,

I come to you once again in seek of enlightment. First of all, since it all depends on roster, here is mine.

I am as of right now sitting on 11 mystic rings and 9 mysterious tonics.

My head was set on giving tonics to Costumed Kadilen, since she offers something new to my roster (hit all for decent damage + protection against special skills) plus she is well regarded by the comunity, very meta relevant and she could have all my soon-to-be vacant druid emblems.

Now I also have Jade from the previous ninja event but after seeing feedback on her (also did a bit of testing of my own), I figured Costumed Kadilen was a safer bet. She woudln’t have emblems until I gave my Skadi some more mojo to wipe more minions on her own.

As for red heroes, I couldn’t bring myself to give rings to Noor, despite having no red healer (Minions are a form of healing, amirite?). I was waiting for the 12th ring to come by (probably by the end of POV) to pull the trigger on either JF or Costumed Elena. Jf is nice, but kind of redundant because of GM. Elena could boost my titan scores with her insane attack stat, but otherwise too frail for her slow speed.

My future was somewhat decided, but RNG decided otherwise. I just pulled Garnet this morning. The red healer I so much needed.

I’ll deffinately put a (Mystic) ring on her. I have sorcerer emblems a-plenty for her as well. I’ll save the rest of my rings in case Gefjon or Tyr decides to join my roster in the future.

BUT what to do with those tonics?! Is Jade now better than Kadilen because of the obvious synergy with Garnet? That family bonus is overpowered (if you faced one of those 3+ ninjas, 4700+ teams at the top of leaderboard you know what I am talking about) and I can’t ignore it.

You should know that I don’t plan using either in raid defense (I run a weaker team that makes my chest farming easier). But I can see a Jade+Garnet duo taking some enemies flags in wars. Do you have any feedback on this? Will it be better than running Tell+GM?

Since my roster is not the deepest, I usually take into account the overall usefullness of a hero when deciding to ascend. Kadilen is better than Jade on a vacum, but if you throw Garnet in the equation, anything changes?

What would you do?

Garnet and costumed Kadilen and don’t look back. While Jade and Garnet enjoy family bonus of dodging specials and tiles, as well as minor riposte, but it only applies to those ninja heroes. Costume Kadilen offers dodge on specials for all her allies. Besides, ninja mana charge on defense is unreliable as it is the AI which controls it.

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