Just got jade on a single pull. Decision time

Okay, so my luck has been on a good stream as of late, probably the best pulls I’ve done this month then I have had in 2.5 years. Here are my options for defense. I can get both jade and dark lord to 20 emblems. Defense looks better to you? 1 is current 2 is what it could be.

Defense 1 absolutely. Maybe I’d try the Dark Lord instead of Quintus.

Regarding Jade, as I said in some posts, doesn’t worth the ascension mats at all (for me). If I had to choose between all the 5* green heroes in the game to max, she would be in the top 3 … from the bottom.

Anyway, if you decide to max her and you find any utility for her, let me know, please. :pray:t4:

Idk where she would fit in my mono green team. Here is what my mono is, don’t want to take out almur either.

Issue with taking out quintess and replacing with dark lord is zeline and lord are the same class and wouldn’t be able to get him up to 20.

Some heroes that could improve your mono green team are Evelyn or Gregorion, as you have two heroes that deals attack down. Anyway, it’s a strong team. :grin:

Then I’d keep the first team for now. However, you could try changing them, even though Dark Lord isn’t fully emblems, and see if it convinces you.

I think that you’re tempted to ascend Jade because you have emblems for her, but that’s not the only reason to ascend a hero.

I do like the dodge skill, but I only have 1 tome left and I’m going to use it on marjana to give my red team a sniper.

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