Who to level up, Jade or Zelina

So I’m pretty sure the answer will be Zelina, but I want to hear more opinions, especially from ppl that have Jade or play against her enough.

I’d say Jade is great for defensive use while Zeline is best for offensive use. Do not ignore the emblems availability in your roster.

Hard to advise without knowing the rest of your roster to see what you lack. I personally value offense over defense when selecting my heroes to max.

Zeline because she is pretty :dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer:

In my opinion, Zeline is more universal hero, than Jadei. Therefore, I would level up Zeline first

Both are good. Both are worthy of the tonics. Both are worthy of emblems. The question is, do you need a utility damage dealer that debuffs enemy attacks and dispels enemy buffs or a utility support hero that reduces enemy mana and can make all allies dodge enemy specials? And as mentioned, you need to consider the availability of emblems for either hero.

Play style is a big factor in this as well. The mana speed of charge just really works with how I play. I tend to hold on using specials until maximum benefit and with the ninjas that is exactly what you want to do. I have Garnet maxed and I use her all the time. I’ve hardly every used her special at anything other than charge 3. So if you are a more patient player, Jade might be for you.

Either way you cannot make a wrong choice here. Zeline is a fantastic hero and I wish I had her.

Thanks for the responses, yeah they are completely different so a direct comparison isn’t really practical, but I know Zelina is great offensive hero and her dispel buffs ability really appealing for me, is Jade considered a great defensive hero, or just a good one? Is Jade any good on offense with a specific line up?

Well you were right, I used all my monk emblems on Skadi and have plenty for Zelina, so Zelina it is.

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