Yet another "please help" thread :)

Hello to all you fine people! I’ve been playing E&P for about 5 months or so, and I’m finally getting into titan battles and trying to gain diversity for my hero roster. My Alliance is currently taking down 3 and 4* titans, working towards 5*. I appreciate any tips/wisdom that this excellent community can offer.

Here’s my current list of 4 and 5* heroes. I have a fair amount of 3* built up as well.

5* - Obakan 3/59
4* Sabina 1/32
4* Merlin 1/1

5* Justice 1/1
4* Hu Tao 3/60
4* Li Xiu 3/38+
4* Gretel 1/1

5* King Arthur 3/34
4* Grimm 3/60
4* Boril 1/28
4* Kiril 2/27+
4* Sonya 1/1

4* Melendor 3/60
4* Hansel 1/10
4* Kashhrek 1/1
4* Little John 1/1

4* Colen 3/60
4* Scarlett 3/29+

The + = heroes I’m actively working on leveling. The rest get tossed a random feeder hero every once in awhile, when I feel like acknowledging their hunger cries :stuck_out_tongue:

My current defense team is, in order: Colen, Melendor, Hu Tao, Grimm, Obakan.

Any recommendations for my defense team’s order, or should I swap someone out? And what heroes would be best to focus on gaining levels with? I want Kiril for an extra healer in challenge events and for attack buff in raids/titans, but wonder if having a healer for raids/titans is the best way to go. I want Scarlett for fast mana and pretty decent special. Right now I have only enough ascension items to bump up yellow heroes, no shields, tabbards, etc.

Thanks again y’all!

I’d tank with oba just because he’s your only 70. When one herois that much stronger than the others, it’s ok to move them out of their “traditional” spots.

Once li xiu is 3/60 replace hu tao.

Sabina is a fantastic hero for both titans (big attack stat) and raids (full heal plus dispel). I’d level her once oba hits 70. When you get to greens I’d level hansel next.


You have a lot of nice heroes, good for you.

Grimm is great! But since at 3-60 he is really squishy I would consider putting King Arthur in on defense in his place and see how that works for you. It should make you a bit tougher overall.

Merlin is considered by many the best 4* purple. Since you have Melendor and are leveling Kiril I would do him as your next purple.

No advice for yellow, I think you should just continue doing what you are doing. Then figure out how when to start working on Justice.

Keep levelin Kiril, he will be a great addition all around.

Hansel looks very promising, I’d make him your next green for now. Kashhrek is a beast on Defense, but not going to help you much in other areas.

I think Colen gets underestimated a lot. But since you only have the 2 I would bring Scarlet up to 3/60 before thinking about ascending either. And most will tell you to keep going with Scarlet over Colen if you don’t get another choice, while waiting on items. This is especially true if improving titans is your focus. Scarlet is better for titans while Colen is better on raid defense. And having both for green titans for the combined tile damage will be nice too.

This has been very helpful, thank you!

I’ll definitely start working on Hansel next. I really want to improve titan performance, and I think he’s the best bet with his neato special.

I’ll give Obie a shot as tank for defense. Haven’t tried him in that slot yet, worth a try. And whenever I see Colen on the opposing team in raids it makes me a bit sad on the inside lol, that fireball is not a joke.

Since I’m not quite sure, thought I’d double check. Is it best to have a healer flanking the tank spot, or off in one of the corners? Generally speaking of course

Depends on the healer. If they have good defense, like Kiril or Rigard, they can flank. If they’re squishy, put 'em in the corner.

Awesome, thanks. I’ll do some swapping around :slight_smile:

I’m New and trying to figure out every thing, love this game by the way. How do apply troops to heroes. Help please

Before hitting the “fight!” button on battles you can click on your heroes and:

  • change said team spot with another hero OR
  • change secected hero’s troop