Items x Ingredients

Hello guys, I hope you’ll find interesting this tab too. ^^


Thank you @Ciuscon. Very nice and helpful tab.

If I may, some ideas:
Also do a “how many different ingredients”-sum right after the name of the item. Makes finding all ingredients easier (preventing missing one).
And why is 4 red but 5 orange again? e.g.: in the CALL line in the Midnight Roots column.

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My wrong, Good ideas, i’ll solve all ^^

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That’s a beautiful thing, great job.

Do you fancy doing one for hero training, if it’s not been done before?

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Here is what I got…

Hope it works


It can be possible, but I have not so much time ): I lost 4 days to complete this simply table cause of work :joy:

I’ll try this weekend!

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Fantastic service :grinning:

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Looks like it’s already been done, but yours is prettier :wink:

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sorry… i tried to make a table with the data so you could copy it, but it is beyond my skill set.

Thank you! Got my TC20 researching now. Was wondering about the cost afterwards.

Guess I need to work on some houses next to hold more dudes.