Province 16-9 Superstats

First of my favourite farming stages in numbers.Hope all of you number crunchers would enjoy this!


Thank you for sharing!

Pois, Can I ask you to take on a super project if you have time? I’d love to see an updated List of Where To Find Stuff!

Mai’s List was made for v1.5; is it still accurate? (I’ll pm you a copy). :wink:

Unless Mai’s underlying assumptions were wrong (and I don’t think they were), it is still correct.


sorry, but what does 1s, 2s-4s and different colors mean?

This part?

The different colors represent different elements in the game:

Blue = Ice
Red = Fire
Green = Nature
Yellow = Holy
Purple = Dark

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I think what @maks60 was also asking, aside from the color in the last picture was the 1S, 2S-4S in the first two pictures. The 1S - 4S in those pictures mean the level of the Ingredient and Ascension Material. That is, Common Herbs is 1 Star, Potent Leaves 2 Star, Adventurer’s Kit is 1 Star, Scabbard is 3 Star, etc. etc.


all explained, sorted out thanks!

Wow, great info, I thought the colors use to fight against each other.