A unique look at farming / what you get in first 4 months of playing without investing money

As some of you may know I have a second account where I play under a lot of restrictions with one of them being “no crafting”. That means that I have never used a single ingredient I got from farming. After almost exactly 4 months of farming I got to those numbers:

Season 1
33% of all ingredients you will ever get are COMMON HERBS
35% are 1* ingredients (your oils, strings, bones, irons, strips and cloths)
23% are 2* ingredients (your feathers, leaves, ores, firestones, shards and mushrooms)
6% are 3* ingredients (your steels, lumbers and dusts)
2% are 4* ingredients (your precious nuggets, meteors and bones)

All the ingredients of the same rarity have the same chance to be found.
Keep in mind that nuggets start from Province 5, bones from 6 and meteors from 7.

So, after 4 months you should get something like this:
Herbs: 4817pcs (1105 used for crafting missions - 5+25+75+250+750)
1*: 779-897pcs
2*: 554-586pcs
3*: 288-310pcs
4*: 97-98pcs (I got 147 nuggets but that’s because I played a lot of Province 5 before getting to 6 and 7)

I will add numbers from Season 2 in a couple of months here.

Ascension materials:
warm capes: 6
sturdy shields: 5
trap tools: 9
orbs of magic: 6
hidden blades: 1
compasses: 6
fine gloves: 4

telescopes: 2
tonics: 1
rings: 2
tabards: 3
damascus blades: 0
tomes of tactics: 2

I am not yet able to beat the last stage of the rare quest so all the 4* ascension items came from elsewhere.

Tokens, coins, tickets and flasks:
summon tokens: 219
epic troop tokens: 14
epic hero tokens: 7
atlantis coins: 130
loot tickets: 141
raid flasks: 8
titan flasks: 7
world energy flasks: 17


*all data after 4 months of daily playing (at least twice full world energy) with titans and wars.


Excelent idea to use another account to see the odds for the materials…great job!

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Thank you for taking the time and effort to track and share all of this! It is very encouraging to anyone who is free or cheap to play, also for some like me who have cut back drastically on spending.

Pay to play/win is really a matter of impatience I think (I am guilty of this to a fault sometimes :grin:) and wanting to progress faster without the slow grind…but this shows that you can and will get there!

And as I am discovering, maybe enjoy the game even more without feeling the pressure to speed along the path.


Out of curiosity, what * titans were you fighting?

6-8 stars from level 23 like, at the beginning of course 1-3 stars.

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Are you tracking where the AM’s are coming from specifically? Like Titan vs. War chest? I’m impressed with your diligence to data collection.

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Not really. 4* items came from mystic visions and rare chests, the rest from everywhere.

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