Isrod, Azlar costume, or better wait?

Hi all,

I’m struggling on which red hero to level up next. My current 5* maxed red includes GM, Grazul, Tyr and Marjana (no costume). My alliance running purple tank and GM(+20) doing well as flank on my defense so none of them will have place on my defense, so all about offensive team, who would fit better in my red team?

I like Azlar costume more but emblem is the problem as I don’t have any for him at the moment, while have 1000+ paladin in my inventory. But I’m not sure how good Isrod can be in offense. The counter attack is weak and mana generation looks not that great either. I’m sitting on 9 rings now. What would you suggest?

Thank you in advance for any suggestion.

If you can’t beef C Azlar up with emblems, I’d pass for now.


I would max Isrod, he is pretty cool and I saw someone saying that he was very usefull in beta for him

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c.azlar with emblems has 920 attack stat without troops. that is one of the highest in the game.

so he is very good for titans and with emblems he is also not that squishy. He also does alot damage especially when paired with falcon or c.marjana.

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I’d go c-Azlar

20 caracter

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Hi Radar, there lot of changes in the current version compared to beta, that makes me thinking he not that good anymore. So I hope someone really using him right now can confirm that he still good, so I can make the move.

The problem is I don’t have emblem for him, his stats would be 821-663-1431 (full Costume bonus), so pretty squishy for a slow hero, not sure he can fire if the board is not great (except for rush). I don’t have Marj costume, but yes I have Falcons.

Azlar all the way.

Isrod is somewhat in the middle of Elena and Sif for me although Sif is better.

Isrod is somewhat an in betweener like Anzogh. A little of everything by neither good or bad.

Neither a finisher nor a really good defense hero but somewhat a decent support.

Thank you, I feel the same about him. Unfortunately he is the only Villian hero I got.

I use Isrod, BK, margaret and the synergi is quite ok, BK fuels himself quite well. The mana gain is however too small from isrod as is, he kinda is below average in all fields, hope he gets an adjustment.

Thank you for sharing. I just happily got Elizabeth. The choice is too much more clear now :slight_smile:

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